TEAM Southtown
 Contributors & credits : TrulyaMiracle, Yulya, Coliflowerz


Summary: All-rounder character who has good tools, as much offensive as defensive. He mostly shines when his opponent is cornered so he can apply his deadly pressure. However he’s pretty weak against projectiles despite his command grab. He can be used in 1st or 2nd position (he’s not enough damaging for anchor postion), because he can well gain meter or use correctly a little of it.

Best Position: Point Mid

Best Tools: j. D,  Pawn (qcf + A), qcb x2 +K



LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : good poke quicker than cr. B, fastest normal, can chain, special cancelable
  • Close : good range, can chain, special cancelable
  • Far : hops stopper, can whiff on crouchers
  • Jump : quick, good tool for corner pressing



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : good poke with great range, combo starter which can chain and special cancelable
  • Close : hits low, quick, special cancelable, can chain into Bayonet
  • Far : poke with good range, not special cancelable
  • Jump : air-to-air, whiff on crouchers


HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : poke with good range, safe on block, special cancelable even on whiff
  • Close : can AA, special cancelable, slow, best use : in combos
  • Far : close ranged poke, bad range but comes out quickly
  • Jump : slow, might whiff on crouchers => air to air


HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : special cancelable sweep
  • Close : faster than cl. C, special cancelable
  • Far : good anti air but slow so only for regular jumps, not special cancelable
  • Jump : excellent jump in with a diving angle, can cross up


v2 Buff


HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: slow move but with good range, special cancelable even on whiff
  • Air: good air to air and jump in but quite slow



Command Normals

? LP “Bayonet

  • use in combos (from light and heavies)
  • bad range so often whiff (cr. B has a long range so you have to limit the number of cr.B to confirm to Bayonet, and the timing of MM with f.A is strict)
  • even on block if done on it’s own
  • slightly unsafe on block if done from a cancel (-2)

? LK “Blunder

  • overhead
  • put Hein in airborne state
  • cancelable by Bishop in the corner
  • useful to use in combos or press in the corner (can be cancelled to but it doesn’t combo)
  • almost safe on block (-1) because of the pushback but can be punished if the opponent has a 1F command grab and is cornered




qcfP “Pawn[EX]

  • Same slow start up for A and C versions
  • C version is a lot more unsafe
  • A version is almost safe (-3 on block) but because of the long start up it better be used from a cancel (at the end of blockstrings for example)
  • EX version is quicker, safe, and allows to juggle


DPK “Knight[EX]

  • Command grab
  • Slow start up
  • D version travels further
  • Allow to go over projectiles
  • Hard knockdown
  • Works on crouching opponents but bigger start up (and even more if EX)
  • EX version has the same start up on standing opponent but is more damaging and grab automatically anywhere


(air) QCB K “Bishop” [EX]

  • Dive kick
  • Slow start up
  • Can cross up
  • Allows easily to combo in the corner
  • Ex version comes out quicker, is safe if hits at a low level, more damaging, give a soft knockdown and allows to juggle



1.QCB P “Rook” [EX]

  • Stationnary projectileup
  • Slow start up
  • C version is slower and a little bit safer than A version
  • Useful as a meaty or in corner combos from CD
  • EX version comes out slower than other versions and is safer but more damaging though

Follow with :

2. hcf K “Castle” [EX]

  • Command dash
  • D version : switch side except in the corner


QCFHCB P “Queen [Max]

  • No invuln
  • Good as a combo finisher
  • Can be advanced cancel by MAX King or climax canceled
  • MAX version : more damaging, faster start up, can be used as reversal (invuln on start up)


QCBx2 K “King”

  • invincible start up
  • good reversal
  • good anti air
  • can be advanced cancelled by MAX Queen
  • MAX version is faster and has a better range


HCBx2 PP “Domination” 

  • can be used as reversal
  • hits low
  • can be cancelled to from Queen




  • 0 bar : cl.C xx f.A xx qcf+A (170 dmg)
  • 1 bar : cl. C xx f.A xx qcf+A xx qcf~hcb P (329 dmg)
  • 2 bars : cl. C xx f.A xx qcf+A xx qcf~hcb PP (429 dmg)
  • 3 bars : cl. C xx f.A xx qcf+A xx qcbx2 K xx qcf~hcb PP (573 dmg)
  • 4 bars : cl. C xx f.A xx qcf+A xx qcf~hcb P xx hcbx2 PP (644 dmg)
  • 5 bars : cl. C xx f.A xx qcf+A xx qcf~hcb PP xx hcbx2 PP (679 dmg)


  • 0 bar : cl.C xx f.A xx qcf+A > st.B (193 dmg) / f.B xx j.qcb+D > f.A xx qcf+A > cr.B (257 dmg)
  • 1 bar : f.B xx j.qcb+D > cl.C xx [BC] xx cl.C xx f.A xx qcf+AC (469 dmg)
  • 2 bars : CD xx f.B xx j.qcb+D > cr.C xx qcf+A xx qcf~hcb PP (491 dmg)
  • 3 bars : CD xx f.B xx j.qcb+D > cr.C xx qcf+A xx qcbx2 K xx qcf~hcb PP (573 dmg)


Combos list made from this vid:


Other combos vids:




Strategy by TrulyaMiracle

Hein, Geese’s new henchman comes in with classy butler attire, stationary projectiles, chess themed specials and a power that sadly isn’t used enough in his moveset.

Hein is a very straight forward fundamental KoF kind of character, but with some crazy pressure options upclose and in the corner.
Hein doesn’t really need meter, but he’s better in the 2nd spot as his damage kinda sucks without Queen supers after his confirms, and to get access to his only reversal, King super.

Hein has a few decent pokes.
Far C (6f/-2) has a nice hitbox although it lacks in range.
Cr C (9f/+1) is also a good and it’s cancellable.
Cr D (8f/-5) goes really far and it’s cancellable, but very open to hops.
Far B (6f/-2) has nice range and covers the range outside cr C well.
CD (17f/-7) is slow-ish but has a lot of range. Can combo into Queen super or qcf+C  from anywhere wallstick.
A pawn is also a nice poke and covers space in front of him.

King super, far A (5f/-3), and far D (11f/-6) are his anti-airs.
They’re ok but against the better jump-ins they can be inconsistent.
Far D is the best meterless option against high jumps.
far A is good against hops.
His best anti-air is King super as it’s invincible and covers the area around him, so it’s good to have some meter on deck.

Air to airs he has j.CD (12f) and j.B (7f)
J.B is quicker, j.CD is on the slow side but it has a big horizontal hitbox, can also be used as an air “poke” with hops.

His jumps in are j.D (7f), j.A (5f) and j.C (9f)
J.D is the go-to, hits downwards and has nice range.
The other 2 are for deeper jumps.
He also has Bishop (divekick) but it’s not safe unless perfectly spaced. It is his only cross up so learn it’s spacing and when to use it.

Hein’s main special is Rook (qcb+P), this is a stationary fireball. It has slow startup but if its blocked you are at a massive frame advantage. Very essential in his pressure. A version (25f/+13) is close, C version (31f/+15) is a bit further with enough space that the opponent can chill between Hein and the Rook projectile.
You can cancel the projectile into a dash followup, possible on whiff, block or hit. It cancels the recovery and moves you away so it can help in avoiding jumps. If the opponent is blocking it can be a mixup as the dashes go different distances, B version stays in front, D version will cross up and go behind them. You sacrifice some frame advantage when doing the dash followup however.
It has slow startup so the opponent can avoid it or hit you if you do it in blockstrings, it’s a frametrap off of CD.
You’ll need the opponent to respect your other moves first if you want to get them to stay put and block the Rook.
In the corner you can combo off of it into cr.C or CD (harder but possible). Midscreen you can combo into cr.B if it hits meaty/late enough.
EX (39f/+28) is even slower but it does a lot of hits and has even more hitstun and blockstun.
In the corner you can set it up after a lvl1 Queen super.

Pawn (qcf+P) is an advancing double splash. Light (15f/-3) has shorter reach but it’s safe, heavy (15f/-13) goes further with 2 hits but more negative.
Light is the go-to, has better scaling in combos and is safe, it also allows resets in the corner with cr.A or cr.B, or you can juggle EX Queen super.
Heavy is mainly to chase people rolling out of the corner as it goes far enough to punish.
EX (10f/+1) is super fast and launches higher so you can reset with heavies in the corner.

Bishop (qcb+K) is his divekick (16f), he pauses in the air for a bit before the dive so it’s useful in baiting Dps and to avoid fireballs. Not safe unless it’s perfectly spaced and even then it’s negative.
Leaves the opponent standing, if it’s deep enough you can combo off of it, in the corner you can do f.B Bishop then combo into cr.C.
EX (11f) is faster and pops up for follow ups. It can also combo from j.A.

Knight (Dp+K) is a leaping command grab (21f), it only grabs the set range where Hein lands. Can be used similar to Vice’s splash in application to catch opponents that’ll stay still during your blockstrings. B is close and D goes around 3/4s of the screen.
EX (26f) travels quicker and tracks fullscreen, can be used to punish fireball attempts.

Queen super (qcf hcb+P) is a ranbu super (7f/-13). Basically your damage ender, without this Hein’s combos arent very damaging.
Can be advanced or Climax cancelled on the last hit for more damage. Lvl1 has a lot of down time after to set up meaty Rook projectiles or mixups.
EX (6f/-17) is invincible, goes further and does more damage.

King super (qcbx2+P) is an explosion super, Hein’s reversal and best anti air.
Both regular (10f/-24) and EX (6f/-22) are invincible. EX is quicker and has a bigger explosion radius.

Domination, his Climax (8f/-41) hits grounded only. Covers a big range but mainly combo ender and fireball punisher from a bit over halfscreen.

Hein doesn’t get much from MAX mode, and he only has some real combos in the corner

-cr.B cr.B f.A qcf+A xx Queen for damage
-Cr.B cl.A f.A qcf+A xx Queen
-cl.C f.A qcf+A xx Queen
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX qcf+P EX Queen
-f.B xx Bishop cr.C Qcf+A xx Queen
-cl.C f.A MAX CD Qcb+A cl.C f.A EX qcf+P EX Queen
-CD f.B xx Bishop cr.C qcf+C xx Queen

-His f.B (22f/-1) raw is an overhead, it goes over lows and it’s super quick. Doesn’t go into anything midscreen but in the corner it leads to big damage.
-after qcf+A in the corner, you can reset with cr.A into A Rook for a super plus meaty.
-After EX qcf+P you can do the same setup with cr.C for more damage.
This is super good because they’re in a high/low mixup, cr.B for low, f.B for overhead. This is also a good place to use Knight as they’ll be more focused on trying to block correctly or waiting for a guardcancel chance.
This setup is beefy coz you can basically loop this if you connect cr.B or f.B off the meaty Rook projectile, combo into qcf+A then cr.A xx A Rook and they’re back in the blender.
-far B can be used to whiff punish like K’s far B, MAX cancel for a full combo
-cr.B cl.B xx B knight can be used to catch sleeping opponents.
-you can combo A Rook into CD, if spaced right from the corner you can do another A Rook off the CD then combo again for crazy damage.
-in the corner, CD cancelled early into EX King will pop them up where you can combo King super after, advanced cancel into EX Queen for classy butler damage.
-in the corner, you can do starter MAX j.A EX Bishop qcf+C and it’ll combo, but it whiffs on crouchers.

Frame Data

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