Gang Il Guide KOFXIV

Gang Il



Summary: Since the patch, much much better! Still needs to have precise spacing for air LP into hangetsuzan, needs to do instant air hangetsusans to really effective but can still cause lots of trouble with his mixups after axe kick and stomp!

Best Position: Point/ Mid

Best Tools:

  • dwndwn K
  • Hop HK
  • Far HK

Bio:  Gang-Il is the chairman of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, and Kim’s master as well. His astonishing kicking techniques can break through any opponent guard. Always accompanied with a different woman each time he comes back from his travels, Gang-Il’s personality is the complete opposite of Kim’s.

Fighting style :Tae kwon do
Birthdate: May 3rd
Birthplace: Korea
Height/Weight/BT: 165cm/96kg/Type O
Hobbies: Reading(especially detective stories)
Favorite food: Korean barbecue
Forte in sports: Swimming
Likes: His love for Tae Kwon Do
Dislikes: Undecided people


  • Check out the moves that Kim’s sons have in the future (Garou: Mark of the Wolves)



LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : faster than standing, slowly links twice
  • Stand : fast
  • Far :
  • Hop : good, hits deep, more range than hop LK
  • Jump : same


Hop up instant LP Can break crouch guard and combo into QCBLK into LP


LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : slow but links from LP, can’t repeat, but chains into stand LK or crouch LP
  • Stand : same range as LP 2 hit.
  • Far : meh
  • Hop : doesn’t hit deep, good air to air?
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : OK anti air and slow but still comboable
  • Stand : Slow but can combo in maxmode!  Don’t use as instant anti air lol
  • Far : too slow, no chain or combo
  • Hop : hits opp in face, straight angle, hitbox under armpit
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : Left footed sweep! Ok.
  • Stand : slow startup but 2 hit, cancels, chains into fwd LK
  • Far : Best poke! Good range but no cancel!
  • Hop : Decent! Straight angle
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: Looks slow… not sure
  • Air:


Command Normals

? LK “High Angle Naeryo Chagi

  • Overhead
  • doesn’t combo
  • can link into stand LK


(air only) bk HP “Ushiro-Geri” 

  • Just like Iori’s, a crossup



qcfP “Shakka Shuu[EX]

  • Multiple kicks!
  • HP version is chargeable
  • Doesn’t nullify ground
  • Parries moves
  • Super Cancels
  • HP version causes juggle
  • EX has armour on attacks still vulnerable between attacks



DPK “Ressen Kyaku[EX]

  • Combo Move
  • 3 hits
  • EX causes juggle



(air only) QCB“Hangetsuzan” [EX]

  • HK version knocks down
  • LK does not knock down
  • LK inflicts a lot of recovery to combo LK or LP but not the others
  • Can be done so low it completely whiffs
  • EX doesn’t knock down but can combo into far HK or super


The Stomp Sequence: 1 (stomp) > 2 (attack a, b or c) > 3 (ender)

In fact, stage 3 is either the ender kick (Ap Chagi) or a super cancel.

1. dwndwn“Hakikyaku” [EX]

  • EX knocks down from anywhere
  • only Double Twi Chagi will combo
  • Super Cancels

2a. DP“Double Twi Chagi” 

  • kicks into the air
  • Sequence ends here

2b. qcb“Naeryo Chagi” 

  • overhead
  • super cancels with buffer

3. fwd“Ap Chagi” 

  • straight kick to end sequence

2c . qcf“Najunde Twio Yop Chagi” 

  • Shin kick
  • super cancels with buffer
  • must be blocked crouching ^^

3. fwd“Ap Chagi” 

  • straight kick to end sequence

*super cancels with buffer means you only need to input the super motion once rather than twice!

** after Hakikyaku and any one follow up you can just do stand far HK to pre emptively stop hop in attacks.

Supers & Climax

qcf x2 K “Hienzan” [Max]

  • Reversal
  • Flash kick, Moon kick, as you like.
  • Max version somersaults twice


QCBx2 K “Gekishin Kyaku”

  • Lightning axe kick
  • Not an overhead



QCBHCFx2 KK “Houou Kyaku” 

  • Reversal
  • The move Kim learnt to use in Real Bout Fatal Fury


Best Combos

0 bar

  • air HK > HK (2hit) >dwndwn K >  K> fwdK
  • 260 damage
  • crouch LK > LK >  LK xx qcfx2 K
  • 232


1 bar

  • air HK > HK (2hit) > cl HP >  HK > air qcb KK > qcfPP > air qcb HK
  • 381 damage
  • hold up-forward after moves to get the jump


2 bar

  • air HK > HK (2hit) > cl HP >  HK > jump > qcb KK > qcfLP >qcfx2 K
  • 419 damage
  • air LP > qcb LK > HK (2hit) > qcfx2 K
  • 318 damage


Other combos

  • air LP > qcb LK > HK (2hit) > qcfx2 K

Simple wall bounce combo from blowback: qcfHP > DPLK xx DPx2 K

cr LK LP > super or > foot stomp



This video includes a safe jump!


Use Fwd LK to gain ground and then get your footstomp mind game on.

The footstomp is pretty straightforward if you think of it like this

  • Footstomp then
  • (quarter circle back + K) x2
  • or
  • (quarter circle forward + K) x2

One hits crouchers and the other hits standing and cancels into a super.  Have fun!

When you get used to it, learn to confirm footstomps into super cancels and that’s about it (so far).

Standing HP seems pretty good and there is a way to back away fast.

air LP Hang mixup

  • air LP qcb LK is a combo but
  • late air LP qcb LK will whiff so you can grab

Strategy Guide by TrulyaMiracle

Kim’s sleazy master joins KoF at last, with moves collected from all of Kim’s different versions through the years and even some tidbits from Kim’s sons (or is it the other way around? :P)

Gang is pretty short and has some stubby normals but he has some nice mobility options to mix things up. He’s designed as a character that’ll somewhat struggle in the neutral but once he gets in he has crazy pressure and mixups. He has highs, lows, and a “taco”. He can also make a lot of stuff safe or even plus with air Hangetsuzan.

Gang-il’s damage isn’t on the high end even with some bar spent so he’s generally played on point, he can also cheese some meter build with backdash xx Hangetsuzan all day as he moves backwards.
He can work in 2nd spot as well if you’ll blow your stacked meter to add on EX heinzan supers.

Gang il has a few decent pokes, but you gotta keep in mind that his limbs are short so eventhough he extends as much as can they’re still shorter than a lot of character’s range.
Far D (9f/-3), far B (6f/-2), CD (14f/-1), and cr B (5f/+3) are his main pokes.
Far D is quick, covers the hop area and hits crouchers, very nice normal.
Far B is quicker than far D and is cancellable.
CD is a bit slow but has a lot of active frames, can be combo into C Shakashuu or Climax from almost anywhere CD
Cr B is Ryu’s 3s low MK, goes really far and can combo into cr.A or cl.B for a full combo. Can low profile a lot of stuff including projectiles. Open to hops however.

His anti airs are cr C (8f/-11), far B, far D and Heinzan super.
Cr C is very iffy and doesn’t have a lot of range so it’s hard to use. Depending on the angle it can hit In odd spots like behind Gang but would whiff right above him. Whiff cancellable into f.B or specials.
Far A (6f/+1), far B and far D are good for hops, you need to learn their range though.
Heinzan is the same as Kim’s where it’ll work against everything, but with Gang it’s a super so it costs a bar. Having meter on deck is good for Gang so he’ll have a reliable anti-air and reversal.

Almost all his air normals can Air to air. he has j.D (6f), j.C (11f), j.B (7) and j.CD (12).
J.B is quick but it has no range at all.
J.C is nice, not exactly quick but has more range than j.B.
J.D has an amazing hitbox and is go-to and goes the furthest , it’s also a good jump in.
J.CD is like Kim’s, has a great hitbox but it’s aimed a bit upwards, Learn when to utilize this as it’s useful in “hop footsies”.

His jump ins are j.A (6f) and j.D.
J.D is his go-to, it covers air to airs as well.
J.A has a nice angle and you can combo it into B hangetsuzan for a full combo after. It can also instant overhead so it’s pretty cheap.
Air hangetsuzan can also be used as an air to air or jump in once you learn how to utilize it.

Hakikyaku (dd+K) is Gang’s main special (10f/+1), stomp that hits low and can OTG after knockdowns or D Hangetsuzan.
It has 3 followups you can do.
Dp+P (8f/-35) is a rising doublekick, only one that’ll combo from dd+K.
Qcb+K (23f/-4) will do an overhead kick, qcf+K (21f/-6) will do another low stomp.
You can do a f+K ender (12f/-9) after either followup which does a kick that pops them backwards, you can cancel it into super or juggle after it in the corner. This is negative but has good pushback so you’ll be fine after it’s blocked.
There’s a gap between Hakikyaku and it’s followups where the opponent can roll or reversal so be careful if they’re waiting for it.
EX stomp (22f/-27) is a fullscreen low, great for punishing fireball attempts and helps Gang close in.

Hangetsuzan (air qcb+K) is Kim’s air flip kick. Gang doesn’t have a ground version, and his is a bit different from Kim’s.
B (12f) doesn’t change his air trejectory at all, safe and leaves the opponent standing. If it connects deep enough you can combo cl.B for a full combo. It’s also plus if it’s blocked deep.
D (15f) moves him a bit forward, is more negative and it knocks down on hit, you can followup with OTG stomp after it.
You can cancel into Hangetsuzan from j.A or backdash.
EX hangetsuzan (15f) is a 3 hit version. pops up for a followup, harder if it hits a grounded opponent but still possible. On grounded opponents you’ll generally get 1 or 2 hits, after jump cancelled specials you can get 2 hits if you delay the EX hangetsuzan, or you can get the full 3 hits if you do it as soon as Gang-il jumps.
It’s also invincible and Safe, can be plus if it’s blocked deep. Very good tool.

Ressen Kyaku (dp+K) is a leaping triple kick. Can go over lows after the first kick. Can juggle Heinzan super after it. Mainly a combo ending special after a confirm or during juggles. Light (13f/-16) is a bit quicker and can combo from lights. Heavy (17f/-15) is Jump cancellable on hit for extra stuff after, can only combo from heavies however.
After light you can reset with cr.A in the corner.
EX (8f/-10) can combo from lights and pops up, like heavy it’s also jump cancellable to combo into Hangetsuzan.

Shakkashu (qcf+P) is another triple kick attack, a bit different though.
Light (17f/-19) is a quick version that you can combo into from heavies. Goes around halfscreen.
Heavy (27f/-8) is a very advancing version that goes almost fullscreen, slower than the light version. Gang has autoguard through the move till he starts kicking.
This version can be delayed if you hold the button (full charge is 62f/-8), during this Gang-il will have his leg up and also has autoguard. This version is mainly to get in on zoning but it’s not as easy as it sounds.
This is also not safe, the punish window is somewhat tight but it is there. Sadly the charge has no feint/cancel so once you charge you’re committing to the move.
Cancellable into Hienzan super for more damage.
EX (17f/-19) is similar to C version with more kicks and launches on the last hit, it’s jump cancellable to combo into Hangetsuzan. Comboable from heavies.

Hienzan (qcfx2 +K) is Kim’s signature flash kick move (6f/-Death), Gang’s is the same idea only with him it’s a super so it’s not free.
Gang’s main anti-air, reversal and combo ender. Can even anti-air cross up attempts. big ass hitbox.
EX (4f/-EX death) does more hits and slams them down for a hard knockdown.

Gekishin Kyaku (qcbx2 +K) is a big stomp (18f/-26). Mainly to advanced or Climax cancel out of. Hits low.
EX (8f/-28) is bigger with more damage. Can be used to punish projectile attempts around halfscreen or so.

his Climax, Houou Kyaku (6f/-20) is a ranbu super. Same as Kim’s regular super. Invincible and goes pretty far.
Generally not worth the bar unless it will kill, otherwise go for EX Hienzan super instead.

His combos generally lack in damage but not in style, to get real damage you’ll need to add on a Hienzan super at the end.
In the endings where you jump cancel and Hangetsuzan is possible you have 2 options:
Do D version then otg with dd+B for hard knockdown.
Delay B version then juggle EX Hienzan super or Dp+D in the corner for damage.

-Cr.B cl.B dd+B~dp+P
-Cr.B cr.A dd+B~dp+P
-Cl.D dp+D (uf) delayed qcb+B EX Hienzan super
-F.B cr.B or cl.B MAX …
-Cr.B cr.B cr.B MAX …
-J.A qcb+B cl.B MAX cl.D EX Dp+K (uf) delayed Qcb+B EX Hienzan
-Cr.B cr.A cr.B MAX Cl.D EX Dp+K (uf) EX Qcb+K Qcf+P xx Hienzan super
-Cr.C MAX cl.C EX Qcf+P (uf) EX Qcb+K Dp+D (uf) Qcb+D, dd+K for OTG
-MAX cl.D Dp+D (uf) EX Qcb+K Dp+D EX Dp+K Dp+B, Hienzan for damage

-for backdash Hangetsuzan, best way to input it is Qcb,b+B. This will basically make his backdash have a hitbox on it and build meter while creating space. Practice this as one extra input will give you his qcbx2 super and you’ll waste meter instead of building it.
You can do this as qcb, ub+B. Personally i find this easier to do, especially for back to back backdash hangetsuzans.
-Both cl.B (4f/-3) and cl.D (6f/-1) are 2 hit normals and both hits are cancellable, very useful for hit-confirming, you can link close B from cr.B or B hangetsuzan. Close B is also a low with a bigger delay between the hits, but close D allows heavy specials to combo.
-j.4C (8f) is a “taco” cross up, super good for adding mixups into Gang’s game, but keep in mind that it’s blockable crouching. Combo it into cl.B.
-off of MAX mode cancel you have a 50/50 mixup with MAX into cr.B cr.A/cl.B or MAX j.A qcb+B. Both lead into a full combo after.
-Both cr.B and cr.D can low profile under fireballs. Cr.D is not cancellable unlike most cr.Ds.
-In juggles where you can jump cancel, you have the option of a reset instead of comboing air hangetsuzan with j.D. If you do it late enough you have time to either run under and hit behind them or stay in front for a left/right mixup.
-f.B (21f/+4) is an overhead if done raw, and it goes over lows and even some other normals. You can link off of it into cr.B if they’re far, or cl.B if you’re close enough. It’s also plus so you can use far B or other normals to continue your offense on block.
-CD dash CD whiff cancel into dd+B can combo from almost anywhere.
-Some places where dd+B can OTG; air qcb+D,j.CD if you’re quick or they don’t recover, off of Stomp super, D throw if you throw them into the corner.

-Off of OTG dd+B, simply holding uf into j.D is a super easy safejump. Makes the OTGs much more of a threat.


Check out the hit box of crouching HP in the following video


Frame Data

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