Daimon Guide KOFXIV

Goro Daimon



Main contributors: Chrisax and Trulyamiracle

Best Position: Mid

Best Tools:

  • df HP
  • stand LK


Misc: On the game screen, character names are displayed usually by the first name.  However, his name is displayed as Daimon, which is his family name.  However, in the manual and other screens and pages, his name is written as Goro Daimon, as his first name is Goro.

Players to watch : Ogosho


LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : fast and chains into df HP
  • Stand :
  • Far : big anti hop
  • Hop : big range!
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : combos but no link or chain
  • Stand : mid hitter
  • Far : fear me
  • Hop : good, can crossup
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far : big range
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : Slow
  • Stand : slow and doesn’t hit low or combo or chain
  • Far :fast anti air
  • Hop : really good poke
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: good range
  • Air: amazing poke




(Close by) B or F + HP “Tsukami Tatakitsuke”

(Close by) B or F + HK “Hiza Guruma”


Command Normals

?HP “Zujou-Barai”

  • Anti air



HCBFWDP “Tenchi-Gaeshi[EX]

  • Grab
  • EX sets up a juggle
  • eg: follow EX with cloud tosser


LP “Kumo-Tsukami Nage [EX]

  • The cloud tosser
  • Use as anti air
  • EX is super fast


HP “Kirikabu-Gaeshi” 

  • hit grab
  • OTG grab
  • There’s no EX for this


DPP “Jiraishin [EX]

  • Poke – slam the floor and cause an earthquake!
  • LP ver hits
  • HP ver is a feint
  • EX causes a juggle
  • EX is not an overhead and cannot hit a crouching opp



QCBK “Chou Ukemi [EX]

  • Dodge aka short roll
  • EX is even faster



DPK “Chou Oosoto-Gari[EX]

  • invincible grab
  • slight delay before the grab
  • hcb fwd also works
  • EX is



Supers & Climax

HCB x2 P “Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi” [Max]

  • Grab


qcfx2 K “Konten Otoshi” (Max)

  • OTG
  • will totally whiff crouchers


qcfx2 PP “Kyoutendouchi” Climax

  • Counter


Best Combos


Optimal 0 bars 

  • Setup 1 combo
  • hp > df hp > mm > hp > df HP > Ex dpP > df HP > air grab > super OTG
  • 600 damage
  • See notes

His combos are very straight forward and simple
In combos off of cl.C or df.C, Tenchi can be replaced with K throw, but Tenchi is quicker and easier to land so for K throw you’ll have to do B ukemi xx dp+K for it to combo

-St.B qcb+B xx Tenchi
-Cl.A cr.A far B df.C Qcb+B xx Tenchi
-Cl.A cl.B df.C Tenchi
-Cl.C df.C Tenchi
-Cl.A Cr.B Tenchi (this is a link not a cancel)
-Cl.C df.C MAX cl.C df.C Tenchi xx Otg super or Climax
-Cl.C df.C MAX cl.B K throw xx Otg super
-Cl.C df.C MAX cl.C df.C EX dp+P df.C hcf+A xx Otg super
-Cl.C df.C MAX cl.C EX Tenchi, air grab xx OTG super
This combo and the one above do a lot of damage and will put them back in the corner




Notes for Setup #1 combo

  • instead of the last df hp you can LP qcb Lk for in front or behind reset depends on how early you HP after maxmode
  • this is almost a kill reset like 900 ou 950 for 3 meters !
Best pressure 
  • is LP down LP > confirm with 1 f grab or hd
lp down lp blocked ?
  • then you can lk df HP for frame trap confirm with maxmode or roll grab
after DP K
  • hyper jump as soon as possible for safe jump
  • after dp K you can also roll normally to wake up in front
  • or ( tricky but powerful ) input run roll to go behind
stand LP
  • stand lp stand lk into roll > dp K or 1 f grab or air grab is powerful
  • stand lp stand lk on block roll dp K is too op
  • you can close HK into stand lk , df HP too ! (HK > Lk > df HP)
Anti Air
  • df hp is very good 5 frames, hits very far!


  • HP is a good poke, slow but his only weapon for long range footsies
  • jump LK is very good for crossup and setups after hard knockdown
  • jump HP good too but not a lot of hitstun, weird for a strong jump attack!
  • jump D and CD Op as hell
HP throw setup
  • HP throw is a hard knockdown
    leaves the opponent very close
    and you can safe jump too
the qcf X2 super is better on OTG it deals much less damage cancelling a grab !

Check out play from Lacid


Strategy Tips by Trulyamiracle

Dubbed the “great wall of Japan” in his 98 version, Daimon is back to oppress people with his huge normals and tossing people around like a ragdoll.

Daimon one of the biggest characters in the game, with multiple command throws and big damage. His playstyle is mainly smacking you and tossing you into the corner where he can full utilize his command throw into safe hop/throw mixup which he can loop into scary damage.

He still has all his tools from XIII but they’re a bit reworked, his best far button is now far C and far D is mainly an anti-air now as it hits a much higher angle. His command throws still leave him with enough time to run in and hop safely and he can do meaty K throw into the same setup again. His biggest new addition is the OTG super which can be used after Both of his command grabs for extra damage or a side switch.

Personally I think Daimon is better in the middle, but he can work as a point character.
On point, he’ll play more neutral game and he can take more risks because mistakes won’t cost him as much life, but he is also not as scary because he won’t have meter to cancel into OTG super which is where his real damage lies.
Putting him second makes him scary because he now has some bars stocked and any throw will now turn to 400 damage thanks to EX OTG super, but the opponent has more bar here too so they’ll have more options open to keep Daimon out and to hurt him more if he gets hit.
It’s up to you to see which of the two sounds better for your team’s composition.

Daimon has a lot of good pokes, and they’re heavies or cancellable so they hurt a lot.
Far C, cr C, far B, and CD are his pokes.
Far C is the “gawd”. has mad range, can anti-air and you can MAX cancel into a combo off of it.
Far B is the same as before, but it’s not a low. cancellable into B ukemi which combos into Tenchi (not at the very tip though sadly). Can also cancel into df.C for more damage and a hit-confirm.
Crouch C is solid for the range between far C and far B. cancellable. Open to hops though.
CD has a deceptive hitbox and it’s now even better as it immediately slams them to the corner, if you’re close enough you can combo df.C xx air grab. You can also whiff cancel it into ukemi for mindgames.

His pokes are scary coz they’re in the range where he can hop and be right in your face, and it’s also the range where he can use B ukemi (qcb+B) for a surprise Tenchi throw (hcb,f+P). Makes it a “stay put and get grabbed or jump and get tagged by far C” mindgame zone. Far B is also a factor as it hits far enough so they can’t just try to “shimmy” their way in.

Anti-airs are one of Daimon’s specialties, it’s generally a bad idea to approach Daimon from the air as he can score a lot of damage if you get caught.
he has far A and far D for hops, and df.C and air grab for higher jumps.
Df.C especially is crazy coz you can cancel it into air grab or on CH you can do df.C B ukemi df.C air grab for big damage.
Air grab (hcf+A) will snatch you in weird angles and has a nice hitbox, it’s cancellable into OTG super as well.
Far A is his signature “stop sign”, it’s excellent for stopping hops.
Far D is a more damaging far A, but a tad slower so it’s riskier on a read.

Air to air he has j.CD and j.A.
J.A is for a quick air to air, j.CD is a great tool and has a crazy hitbox but it’s on the slow side, mainly a jump-in but can air to air. It’s one of Daimon’s main tools to start offense as you can do it going up and if blocked you can start your tick-throw mindgames.

His jump ins are j.C, j.D, j.B and j.CD.
J.C is good for deep jumps and go-to for combos. Can cross up as well.
J.D has more range than j.C but harder to combo off of, for further jumps. Can instant overhead off of hops.
J.B is for crossups as it’s more consistent than j.C
J.CD does alot of blockstun so hopping in with it is useful, do it deep enough and you have enough time for another hop attempt or a K throw tick-throw.

Daimon has 2 command grabs, learning when you use which one is important. Tenchi (hcb,f+P) is 1 frame and has more range, tosses them high in the air and does a hard knockdown.
K throw is slower but it’s invincible (!) and keeps them right in front of you, also a hard knockdown.
Both can be cancelled into OTG super but off of P throw it’s less damage as it does a slightly different animation. Tenchi can also be cancelled into Climax if you want more damage for more meter.
K throw’s main use is as a meaty. It’s slow enough that it’ll catch them as they’re getting up and it’s invincibility can also beat a lot of wake-up options (including rolls), many Dps will also go through Daimon when he does K throw leaving them open for a punish when they land. Can combo from close or far B so on wake-up you can do “K throw or stand B xx K throw” mixup. The stand B will catch jump attempts or beat buttons on wakeup. Buffer the K throw off of stand B so it will also catch rolls here.
You can also do df.C here instead of stand B if you think they’ll backdash or jump to avoid the throw. This is better in the corner so you capitalize with more damage.
Tenchi is better in combos or punishes. It’s also better for corner carry.
Keep in mind that the command grabs are in CH state through the whole animation, so if you whiff or get baited you can eat big damage.
EX Tenchi is the same animation as the regular but you can combo when they’re coming down, only possible in the corner however. Can combo into df.C or air grab.
EX K throw is more invincible, not super cancellable though (as are all EX moves) which hurts it’s utility outside of being a reversal, but you can link OTG super after it in the corner.

ukemi (qcb+K) is a command roll, B is cancellable at any point into other specials, which is useful to kara your throws and in combos to be in range for your throws to connect.
D is invincible and goes further but it’s not cancellable, mainly to get in really.
EX is invincible and cancellable, goes into a free EX move when cancelled.

Dp+P is his ground pound, hits low and knocks down. Doesn’t do blockstun or chip. Pretty slow so be wary of people jumping it on reaction/anticipation as it’s Daimon’s only far range option.
A does the ground pound and C is a feint (to punish those jumps).
This is Daimon’s main tool against zoning, when he does the ground pound he goes super low to the ground which can avoid some projectiles.
EX pops up and it’s his main MAX combo tool.

Throw super is similar to Tenchi in it’s uses. Invincible and can be used as a combo ender for standing combos. EX does more damage. Use it if you want to advanced/Climax cancel.

His other super, qcfx2 +K, is an OTG. only connects on knocked down opponents. Can be cancelled of a couple of moves. Tenchi, K throw, Throw super, air grab/slam down grab and even off j.CD if you’re quick or they don’t recover roll.
Off of tenchi and Throw super it does a different animation (goes straight into the jumping clutch part) and does less damage :/

His Climax is a counter. Does a mega ground pound once activated.
You can cancel into it off of Tenchi or Throw super.

-Daimon has one of the few (or the only?) unique neutral jump normal with his nj.C. it’s basically his cr C but airborne.
-You can link off of close D, if it hits you can do stuff like Cl.D st.B df.C Tenchi. It’s slow but it’s great as a meaty and there are setups to land meaty cl.D in the corner.
After K throw, whiff cl.C, meaty cl.D
After Tenchi, forward roll, meaty cl.D
-For combos using B ukemi cancels into Tenchi, you can do it as hcb+B f+C. This way you buffer Tenchi’s input while doing the qcb in ukemi’s input. If done as fast as possible you won’t even see the ukemi’s animation while getting the extra range boost. Same input shortcut works for K throw, do the same input but press K.
-In cases where B ukemi into Tenchi will combo, you can do a ghetto reset by delaying the Ukemi cancel and doing K throw instead. This’ll reset the damage if you’ll cancel into OTG super so it’s the worth the risk imo, just don’t do it if your opponent is the type that mashes Dp or holds up the whole time.
-Same as the above tactic, delaying the ukemi cancel can be used in blockstrings for tick-throws. K throw’s slower speed is great for this as it isn’t a big delay input-wise and it’ll look like it combo’d on the screen.
Plus it’ll eat quick poke attempts with it’s invincibility, the opponent needs to know it’s coming and jump to avoid the tick.
-His climax’s animation looks similar to the dp+C fient, this is on purpose. It’s to punish people that’ll try to hit you or jump in on you as soon as they see Daimon’s hands go up. It’s an expensive bait but catch someone with this once and it’ll be forever in their minds and you can then do all the dp+C feints you want lol.
-EX air grab (hcf+AC) can cannect and be combo’d into if the opponent is on the ground, they don’t have to be airborne.
-hcf+C is a different move than hcf+A, It picks up off the ground. Can combo from cl.C or cr C to switch sides if you’re cornered. Also combos from cr.D, jump or ground CD in the corner if you’re quick or they don’t recover.
-Daimon can safejump off Tenchi, K throw or either of his supers in the corner.
Off of Tenchi, cr.A hop forward j.C.
Off of K throw, wait just a bit then hop forward j.C
Off of OTG super. cr.D hop forward j.C
Off of Throw super, wait just a bit then hop forward j.C.
-off of K throw, super jump into j.D is a safejump anywhere. Doesn’t work on super fast reversals though.




Frame Data

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