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TEAM Southtown



Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools: the UC system

Strategy by TrulyaMiracle

Players to watch for Ogosho


Misc: Rumoured to have face modelled on David Bowie (RIP).



LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand:
  • Air:

Command Normals

? LPname”

  • Overhead


?LK “name”

  • Won’t cancel out of chain


?? P “Hikiokoshi”

  • Use after Headbutt or Rolling Sobat

bk fwd dwn df ufdb ub db-uf qcf QCB qcbHCF hcf HCB DP RDP.360 HCBFWD QCFHCB QCBHCF flashkicksonicboom hcfbk holddown up- dwn qcdqcbd ddf


P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…


bk fwd dwn df ufdb ub db-uf qcf QCB qcbHCF hcf HCB DP RDP.360 HCBFWD QCFHCB QCBHCF flashkicksonicboom hcfbk holddown up- dwn qcdqcbd ddf


Supers & Climax

HCB x2 P “name [Max]

  • Type
  • Max version is..
  • .


QCBHCFK “name”

  • A


HCBx2 KK “name” Climax

  • Notes


Best Combos

Optimal x bars 

Pole Position

  • H
  • damage


Mid position

  • damage



  • K
  • 471 dmg


Geese’s #1 henchman returns with his mighty pokes and returned to a look closer to his 97 counterpart. He has an awesome three section staff but sadly that part is barely implemented into his moveset as it’s basically a regular stuff with fire.

Billy is a poke master and excels in the neutral game. He has no fullscreen options and his offense is basic but his quick hop and nasty air d.C crossup can lead to nasty mixups if used properly.

Billy’s best position is on point, but he can also be used 2nd. It adds a reversal to his arsenal and gives him a bit more damage at the end of his combos.

Billy’s playstyle is a rare one in KoF, he’s technically a zoner but he doesn’t have any fullscreen tools so his “zoning” is all mid range, which is all normals and pokes. He sits around midscreen range and bullies you with his superior range, this area is where his far C, Qcb+P and Hcf+P specials are at their best. He gets to play a footsies style game where not many characters can reach him.
Billy also sports really nice air normals and a fast hop so once he gets the opponent to respect his mid game and stay put he can start his offense and mixups. Billy also has surprisingly high damage for 2 bars.

As mentioned above, Billy’s strength is his normals and his pokes. This range where these are usable is where you want to stay as much as possible.
Far C, far A, CD, far B, crouch A, f+A, crouch D, j.C and Hcf+P are all pokes.
Far C (9f/-16) is his most notable one, the longest reaching normal in the game. It is negative but with it’s reach and pushback very few moves can actually punish it. Can be MAX cancelled but comboing off of max range is tight. It can also stuff jump attempts and fireball startups if used early enough.
Far A (8f/-3) is a hop check normal with mad range. It can used as a double for hop checking and a poke thanks to it’s reach.
CD (19f/-17) a homerun bat swing. It’s a bit slow but it’s hitbox is bananas. Can combo into Hcf+C or D Elevator from wallstick in most ranges.
far B (6f/-2) is a low angle poke. Very good at making the oppnent stay put coz of it’s speed. Open to hops however so be careful with this.
Cr A (6f/-2) is a long-ish range poke, it’s reach is similar to far B which is between far A and far C. It’s faster than both of them but it’s height makes it open to hops. A nice check for footsies.
F+A (8f/-1) is a double kick command normal. Has the most range after far C. This move is a scrub killer, it goes forward a good amount and goes over lows and throws, plus it’s safe. It can also stop jump attempts.
Crouch D (8f/-2) is a double hit sweep. First hit is a kick sweep and the second (23f) is with his staff. You can cancel into specials or a command normal before the second hit, even on whiff. The second hit goes a bit further than far A and crouch A. Has a lot of pushback and safe on block but there is a small gap between the 2 hits.
J.C is a downwards staff attack. It has a lot of range and is very useful as a far air to air or as a poke from the air. Knowing how to use this can greatly benefit Billy and give him mobility while playing his neutral game.
Hcf+A (13f/-12) is a forward thrust special. It’s range is just a bit more than far C. It’s useful as a check if the opponent thinks they’re outside of your normals’ range, and can be used to stuff some moves during startup.

If played correctly, the opponent will realize that playing the ground game against Billy is not in their favor so they will take the fight to the air. Billy’s options for that are good as well.
Far A that we mentioned earlier is good for hops. Far D (9f/-6) has a good angle for hops but it’s slower. It moves his hurtbox backwards so it’s harder to stuff.
Cr.C (4f/-8) is his best option for close jumps, it’s stupid fast and cancellable into specials and command normals even on whiff. It’s hitbox is fully upwards however and has basically 0 horizontal range so don’t throw this out against a grounded opponent.
Qcb+P (9f) is his other anti-air, this covers the diagonal area above him. This can stop hops and jumps from ridiculously far.
His Kick super, Guren Sakkon (6f) is also a good anti-air and covers a huge range.

J.A (5f), j.C (8f) and j.CD (12f) are his air to air options.
J.A is the quickest and goes straight forward.
J.C has the most range and is aimed a bit downwards.
J.CD is a spinning swat downwards, it can work as an air to air (not if they’re above you though) or as a jump in as it connects on crouchers.

J.D (9f) is his main jump in, can crossup and can be ambigious if the opponent’s crouching. J.B (5f) is good as well but it’s basically a poor man’s j.D as it covers the same angle.
His other jump-in is jumping down C. This is an air command normal that hits straight downwards. This can hit either side depending on the timing and can be hard to tell where to block it.

Quick note before going into his specials, Billy’s staff in all of his moves is considered as part of his body and has a hurtbox. This is important to note as you are extending your limb when you use his moves so the opponent can stuff or trade with your moves.

His main special is Hcf+P. This is a horizontal thrust. This is Billy’s furthest reaching move.
A version (13f/-12) is quicker, and C version (18f/-16) is slower but reaches a bit further. C version has a possible followup with qcf+C (3f/-24). This makes the staff burst in flames for an extra hit and it knocks down. Possible to do on whiff as well. You can super cancel either hit.
EX (13f/-10) has A’s speed with C’s range. It does multiple hits while keeping the opponent standing. Qcf+P will do an extra hit that launches and pulls in the opponent. You can combo after it but not if it’s done on a grounded opponent.

Qcb+P is a similar move to Hcf+P but aimed upwards. Great anti-air, pops up and can be followed after with kick super if it hits them in the air or in a juggle.
A version (9f/-24) is much quicker and C version (15f/-23) is slower but with more active frames.
EX version (6f/-11) is really quick and pops up a lot higher. His main combo tool and can connect in lots of places that no other move will.

Dp+K is his infamous elevator move. Billy flips on his staff and flies upwards out of the screen and comes down swinging. He can hit the opponent on the way up and down.
B (11f) is quicker and lands around halfscreen. This is basically a feint for the D version.
D (18f) is a bit slower but tracks the opponent and lands directly on them.
This move is not invincible and not a reversal. It can be used as a pre-emptive anti-air or to move around the stage if you have a solid read.
You can combo off of D version with EX qcb+P which is where you’ll mainly use this move.
When he’s coming down if you block it Billy’s safe. It is possible to punish him by running under him then hitting him when he lands. If timed right simply doing ff will give you a run that’ll go right under.
EX (11f) is B’s speed and D’s properties. It’s useful in corner combos and as a reversal as it’s invincible.

His last special is a mash P input (11f/-1). Billy twirls his stick in a circle. A version is less duration and C version stays for a while. As a meaty C version can do up to 300 damage. Can be done in the end of corner combos after Elevator.
EX (11f) has a vacuum effect and knocks down. Vacuum starts at frame 5 and can suck in from around far B’s range.

His most important super is his qcf x2 +K, Guren Sakkon. (6f/-53) Billy does an upwards flame swipe into a leaping fire spin. It has a lot of range both forward and upwards.
Excellent anti-air and even whiff punisher if you’re feeling yourself. Super unsafe however so be careful.
It’s Advanced and Climax cancellable during the first hit (before he jumps in the air).
EX does a LOT of damage. Billy does an extra swipe before jumping and can make his combos easily reach the 500 mark. EX is invincible and can be used as a reversal.

His other super, qcf hcb +P (13f/-14) is a stationary super. Billy spins his staff while it’s on fire then throws the ring of fire forward. Regular goes a bit under halfscreen and EX version (8f/-44) goes almost fullscreen and invincible on startup.
On block it has a lot of pushback but a veteran knows when to roll and avoid the ring for a full punish.
Generally not worth it unless you plan on cancelling to Climax as you can cancel on the last hit.

His Climax is qcf x2 +P (12f/-25). Billy shoots a big fire pillar in front of him. Can be used as an early anti-air but it’s mainly used as a combo ender. Not invincible so don’t use it as a reversal.
Generally EX Guren Sakkon will give you similar damage so it’s not worth the extra bar but you can combo off of it in the corner if it connects high enough in a juggle or hits an airborne opponent. You can land cl.D, Kick super or even D Elevator if they’re high enough.

Billy’s combos are straight forward and simple.
Guren is his qcfx2 +K super, Guren Sakkon



How to punish Billy’s cane?  Check these two videos:


Frame Data

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