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KOFXIV Alice Guida Italiana


TEAM Women 


Big thanks to: DiamondDust132 for motivating me to give Alice another look with their tutorial video!  Lots of info taken from there!

Summary:  Simple character with simple play and fun as hell.

Best Position: Mid or Anchor

Best Tools:

  • crouch B



LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : combos chains and cancels. Plus on block.
  • Stand :
  • Far :  decent anti hop, chains.
  • Hop : good angle, cancels.
  • Jump : same

Notes: you can use the hop LP to break guard, with a cancel into diving tackle.  Hop up +/ forward or back, as she leaves the ground press LP, then immediately input qcb K

LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : Great! Chains
  • Stand : 2hit. Cancels. Beware, minus on block!
  • Far : Great poke!
  • Hop : actually has a good hitbox! Cancels
  • Jump : same


HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : anti air hitbox! Can stop some crossups. Chains and cancels.
  • Stand : 70 damage.
  • Far : slow pre-emptive anti air, whiffs crouchers, supercancels
  • Hop : cancels
  • Jump : same


HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : cancels
  • Stand : Huge pushback but 80 damage (10 more than HP).
  • Far : Good poke.  Fast recovery.  Can stop some hops.  Supercancels
  • Hop : cancels, can crossup
  • Jump : same


  • Stand: Huge range, but as she jumps first, can’t be used as fast defense. Cancels on hit, block and whiff. Super cancels on hit/block.
  • Air: like air LK, good for air to air but still decent hitbox for jump ins. Vulnerable as hell to low profiling crouch LK.

Notes: All Alice’s air normals cancel into diving tackle (qcb K)

Command Normals

? LK “Garnet Spin

  • Sweet Overhead
  • Fast
  • super cancels
  • Loses overhead property in chains but gains special cancel




(air) QCB K “Diving Tackle[EX]

  • Poke
  • Tribute to Terry’s Rising Tackle
  • All Alice’s air normals can cancel into this
  • LK ver 1 hit
  • HK ver 2 hits
  • HK ver sharper angle
  • Causes knockdown
  • Causes a juggle (EX is the easiest)

DPK “Tiger Crack[EX]

  • Anti air
  • Tribute to Joe’s Tiger Kick and Terry’s Crack Shoot
  • Combos well from cr LK
  • LK has lower body invincibility
  • HK has upper body invicibility
  • EX is fully invincible at startup only


qcfP “Southtown Variation[EX]

  • Poke
  • Andy Zeineken tribute
  • Should always be followed up otherwise vulnerable
  • LP travels half screen
  • HP travels 3/4 screen
  • Use Blowback cancel to extend range
  • EX does all variations in one combo
  • EX version has guard points
  • EX version also cancels into Diving Tackle
  • Follow with Charge or Spin

Follow ups: 

  • fwd P “Charge
    • Even on block
    • super cancels
  • fwd K “Spin”
    • Duck King Headspin tribute
    • Safe to most moves
    • Follow with Diving Tackle

QCB P “Wolf Combination[EX]

  • Poke
  • Andy’s Hishoken / Joe’s Hurricane Upper / Terry’s Power Wave tribute
  • Three string attack
  • Like most rekkas, repeat the input
  • use LP version for light attack combos
  • and vice versa
  • You can switch between both versions in a sequence…
  • LP 1st rekka has quick ish recovery, the rest, not.
  • Super cancels on 1st, 2nd or 3rd rekka
  • EX performs the whole sequence and sets up a juggle (you can even get a diving tackle after)
  • EX has guard point


Supers & Climax

qcf x2 P “Shadow Dunk [Max]

  • Attack
  • Invincible start up
  • Zeineken + Rising Tackle
  • Max version goes up higher with more hits
  • Max loses invincibility
  • Max gains faster speed to punish!
  • Lv 1 covers a little less than 1/2 screen
  • Max covers 1/2 screen

qcf x2 K “Special Wolf Combination [Max]

  • Attack/ (Max) Reversal
  • Lv 1 Invincible startup but that little jump makes it slow for instant anti air use
  • Max removes the little jump and goes straight into it, retaining invincibility

HCB x2 PP “Full Set Alice” Climax

  • Reversal
  • 416 damage
  • Invincible startup
  • Travels half screen


Best Combos

Update: v3
0 bars
  • cr LK x3 >QCB LP x3
  • 179 damage
  • HP >   fwd LK >  QCB HP x3 
  • 218
  • (corner) HP >   fwd LK > qcf LP > fwd LK > air  QCB HK 
  • 258

1 bar

  • optimal crouching
  • cr LK x3 >  QCB LP x2 xx qcf x2 PP
  • 278 damage


  • optimal maxmode
  • HP >   fwd LK > mm > HP >   fwd LK > QCB PP > KK
  • 383 – you can use HK instead of HP but it’s much harder (401 dmg)


  • optimal corner
  • (corner) HK >   fwd LK > qcf LP >   fwd LK > air  QCB LK > qcf x2 P
  • 393


  • optimal heavy normal
  • HP >   fwd LK >  QCB HP x2 xx qcf x2 PP
  • 328


  • optimal overhead
  • fwd LK > mm > HK >   fwd LK >  QCB PP > KK
  • 365


  • just for fun 
  • (corner) HP >   fwd LK >mm > HP >  fwd LK > qcf PP >  QCB KK >  LK
  • 363

Notes: to make combos easier, replace HK with HP.

2 bar

  • HP >   fwd LK > mm > HP >   fwd LK > QCB PP >QCB LP xx qcf x2 PP 
  • 513





Alice has easy combos and a fast overhead.  Being an easy character, she actually doesn’t have much to really confuse the opponent.

Her wolf combination is a hard knockdown, setting up opponents for a simple overhead or crouching mixup.

  • From cr Bx3 into Wolf Combination, she can get a safe jump with a hop LP

Opponents are going to be very wary of the overhead so you need to apply lots of crouching B pressure.

  • break guard with hop away LP into diving tackle
  • If you can hit confirm into diving tackle, then you’re golden – easier said than done…

Diving tackle can actually crossup and because it causes a juggle….



Frame Data



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