Advanced Tech

  1. Button Priority
  2. Super Cancel OS
  3. Maxmode activation Option Select
  4. Visual Confirming Colours


Button Priority

If you press LP + HP, HP will activate.

If you press LK + HK, HK will activate.

If you press 3 or 4 buttons including LK and HP, maxmode will activate.

If you press LP, LK, and HK, roll will activate.

Super Cancel OS

If you buffer a move and it doesn’t hit, it won’t activate.

For example, hcb P x2 for Clark from far will do his backhand and nothing unless there’s a hit.

It will activate on block, hit or Guard Crush

Maxmode Activation OS

If you press a button and press LK HP immediately afterwards, nothing will happen UNLESS you hit an opponent (block or hit).

Visual Confirmation Colours

Hits appear as a Red flash

Block appears as Blue

Parries are green

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