KOF XII General Gameplay

KOF XII General Gameplay Notes————————————————-


Forget about early flying kicks and sloppy combos.? It’s not going to happen in this KOF.? XII demands precise timing, and grants those with fast reflexes the ability to severely punish those who don’t.

The main reason for all of this is block stun, which in XII is much shorter than in previous KOFs.? At the opposite end, for comparison, take a look at the Dreamcast version of 98, which had extremely long block stun.? Because of reduced block stun time in XII, gameplay is much more demanding.

In a typical game (where players want to win) both opponents will be standing, edging back and forth, until one will perform a poke or a jumping attack.? To stop the opponent from having enough time to perform an anti air, a safe tactic would be to perform an early jumping attack, which wouldn’t combo, but allow them to continue poking.? This does not work in XII.

If XII, an early jump attack is very dangerous because of reduced block stun. If the opponent blocks this early attack, the jumper is pretty much wide open to a combo. Even if the jumper hits the opponent, they will recover very quickly and will be able to do a (fast) attack (such as Kyo’s DP + C), or CD counter.

Against a standing opponent with fast reflexes, don’t jump. Make sure they are downed first. Any jumping attacks should be deep and comboable. Jumping CDs should only be used as counters for anti airs that are not invincible, but frankly Kyo’s stand C knocks out pretty much everything.

Take a look at this video…


CD – A successful hit will launch the opponent allowing you to juggle.? Charge it to max to stun opponent, where you can run in and combo!

Taunts/Posing – after specials or DMs etc can be cancelled by movement.

Command throws – have low (none) priority.? If the opponent is doing an attack, it will take priority.? Normal grabs seem to have more range!

Critical Clash– if two hits collide and bounce off, you can still hit or JUMP from that position (even in mid air- effectively a double jump!).? You can also continue to perform moves almost immediately.? If you have cancelled into a special move then that will still execute!

Select Blind – don’t forget if you press START, your opponent can’t see your order of characters (and er.. neither can you).? Update: if you press C, you can find your cursor.

CD Counters – You don’t have to block to use these, just hit back and C+D.? You can dodge some by ducking… you’ll have to remember which characters CD high though.? It seems CD counters do not have high priority…? Read the section about block stun.? Faced with a CD counter happy opponent?? Lure them into hitting CD counter by jumping in or standing next to them and blocking the counter.? Guess what?? They’re now fully open to the combo of your choice…

Recovery Roll – you can do this with ANY?ONE button press?as you hit the floor.

Fireball snuffing – you can punch fireballs the good old AOF style!? But you will get pushed back.

SDM – If you perform your DM as the CC flash comes out, it will inflict more damage.? For some characters like Goro, it’s far more worthwhile than a combo.

General CC tips – CCs are really flexible – sometimes juggles will take off more than DMs.? You’re not getting a free DM, so don’t panic and try to use it, what you should do is try to juggle with CD.? Note that when you hit CD, or other certain attacks, as long as you don’t immediately hit the opponent, they will go flying into the air, allowing you to juggle.

You don’t have to go full speed with CC combos, you can hit at your leisure, as long as the bar hasn’t run out.? You can jump, roll, sweep, CD… try stuff out!

DP characters can start with either a C or A DP and repeat a few times juggling with CD cancelled into DM.? If you sudddenly get lost or forget your combo, simply hit them a few times with C, then CD, or even better, charge your CD to max.? It will hit and then you can try again to combo or juggle!

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