Higuma Ramen


Higuma is just down the road from Kotteri Ramen and attracts a queue as long, with double, no, quadruple the seating.  However this one does not have a good reputation amongst my nippophile compadres.  I had to try it out.

The decor is rather Japanese with some sort of pun using “Kuma”, which means “bear” and you’ll see a lot of bears in forms of posters and even statuettes.  There seems to have been a lot of Japanese visitors who have done the traditional thing and signed their name with their well wishes.  Have to wonder if this from a long time ago, because looking around at the staff, either management has short changed the menu or nobody had anywhere better to go at the time.

As I looked over the menu, I noticed the table wasn’t clean, either that or there had been something stuck to the menu which had then greased up the table.  Not their fault, uhhhh yes it is, that’s a lack of attention.  Yes, okay, this is just a ramen joint.  Well….

The staff are quite a mix of nationalities.  Friendly and nice.

Ordered the shoyu set, which includes 7 gyoza.

Long story short, this was a bowl of noodles with some soy sauce.  The pork was fine, the noodles were fine, but the broth is what makes Ramen special to me.  This broth was practically non existent.  There was barely any flavour.  I was so disappointed I wanted to cry, but I knew this would just add more salt.  Instead, I added chilli oil till I got a decent tingle.  11 Euros for the ramen and gyoza, doesn’t sound too bad, but in fact, the gyoza were decent, and should be treated as compensation for the lacklustre lamen.

Actually, the gyoza had been slapped on the grill without being separated, which meant you had to pry them apart on your plate.

So, if you haven’t got the impression, it’s not recommended.  Go to Kotteri or Hokata.

Well, to try next, there’s that Udon place, Kunitoraya, … stay tuned for more er.. reviews!

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