How to get cards in KOF ALL Star

There are 3 types of cards 

  1. Set
  2. Option
  3. Action

Regardless, you can get them all in the same way:

  • Dungeon
  • Quest rewards
  • Event rewards
  • Exchange Shop


They can be won rarely from the street fight or action cards battle – which are on rotation every week to give different items at different drop rates (?).  Do the max difficulty dungeon, limited to three tries a day.

Quest Rewards

Certain quests will give you valuable cards, such as Mai’s action card so make sure you do them.  Remember you can often check rewards before you start a quest.

Event Rewards

Epic quest and others often focus on a character and will give you the cards associated with them. King’s Quest is another example. Check the rewards and then go do it!

Exchange shop

Action cards unlock the ultimate move for your character

If you really really want one, go to the exchange shop.

4 special Action Cards can be exchanged for one.

They will not exchange any cards that are equipped.

You need 6 cards of rank 5 to exchange for one…



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