Events list

If we go with the Japanese schedule the following events will happen.  The order is DEFINITELY different.  Characters in bold can be won.

  1. Garigiriguriin (Alexandrite) GREEN
  2. Gross Ranger (Ralf and Clark)
  3. Halloween Yashiro and his card
  4. Black Arms RED
  5. True Luck BLUE
  6. Purupurpuru PURPLE
  7. Festival Athena and her card
  8. Eiloly (Steely Puncher) YELLOW
  9. Pumpkin Head
  10. Halloween Cake Defense
  11. Athena in Wonderland
  12. Underworld Yamazaki
  13. Moon viewing Chang
  14. Protect the cake
  15. Pretty Yashiro, Billy and Loli Chang
  16. Summer Vacation
  17. Summer Watermelon smasher
  18. Samurai Shodown Crossover (Amakusa + card)
  19. Roulette for Halloween Kula and Angel
  20. Shingo (just buff items)
  21. Mecha Goenitz and his card
  22. EQ Chizuru and her card
  23. EQ Rugal and his card
  24. Leona 97
  25. Gintama crossover (Isao Kondo and card)
  26. EQ Blue Mary and cards
  27. Jungle Ravagers
  28. The most precious thing to King (King 96)
  29. EQ Rugal (again)

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