KOF All Star Festivals

Welcome Festival

Oh that's why Kyo 96 has so many souls...

Welcome to the game! This festival gives you an amount of quests to do with several rewards. If you can finish the six days of challenges, you will get 600 rubies. There is actually no time limit to do these quests, you can do them at your leisure.

They may seem like a distraction, but there are great rewards to be had from these challenges.  Take them as part of your daily duties, but in fact you can finish them whenever you want.  The next festival won’t unlock until you finish it. It won’t tell you but in fact this festival will give you Kyo 96 at level 80.

Element Festivals

After the welcome festival, the following festivals celebrate an element colour and a character.  Generally awarding you with this character at level 80, with 50 element souls to break limit or give to another.

key things to note

  • You don’t have to finish each day’s list, you can complete them whenever you want
  • You can do the quests in advance
  • You don’t have to unlock the cores, it’s just the level
  • You’ll have to spend around 600k
  • You’ll have to use a lot of experience vials
  • You’ll get a strong level 80 character, which is normally tough to do.

After the welcome festival here are the next ones:

Yellow Terry96 Festival

Terry 96 is actually a highly rated character and the festival will take you to level 80.  However, you’ll need to do various quests and spend some money.  Here’s the rundown

After day 1 you’ll have Terry and 300k

Day 2: ah geez man have to evolve him which costs 100k

Day 3: it asked you to limit break him 12 times, so at level 60, it was costing 20K per level – I could only do 6 times, costing 120k!  However, the souls were already there as rewards.  This is a huge gift.

…. by Day 7 I had not spent any of my EXP vials on his cores, but just money to bring him up to level 80.  The souls were all supplied.  It’s a “free” gift of a strong element character at level 80!

Red Vice 98 Festival

This time I just kept her in my team while doing story mode.  I did all the quests apart from actually levelling up.  You are not punished or locked.  She managed to get to 37 … and I waited till the last day to spend the money.  Here’s the video.

So how much did I spend?

I started with


I finished with


So that’s about 600k gold

Plus I had to spend

100 super exp vials

46 high eco vials

599 med exp vials

37 low exp vials

The rewards:

60 red souls

Random 10 buff capsules loot box   x2

65 super exp vials

More loot boxes

Affinity items for vice

3 attack buff capsules

3 Def caps

3 hp buff caps

a few more things… (Not including cash because it was spent)

Worth it? Well the problem is you don’t have a choice, of you want any of the characters or elements. If you don’t do any of the quests, the others won’t unlock…

After that you’ll get

  • Mature Festival

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