Maid Cafes

maid cafe

Anime often depicts maid cafe as full of otaku and old men.  That’s fairly accurate, just missing the gawping and cringing tourists.  Still, some people find it amusing and fun! Everyone finds it expensive.

Young women in maid outfits can be found up and down the strip, with slightly more dubious ones in the back streets around Kotobukiya…


Dragonlord Z, lured by the maid barkers on the street level, went to Maidreamin and had a “demonic” experience. As people often order the live music package, eating in peace and quiet isn’t going to happen here!


Reviews on Tripadvisor are mixed: “cheesy, crap, dreadful” with “average” Hamburg steak but “delicious” parfaits and “super nice” maids. 


Much like any theme cafe, you are paying for the experience more than the food. Why are you going to a maid cafe?  It’s to see and be served by cute maids, to have them smile and dance for you.

The theory is fine, the reality is that every other ‘normie’ is judging each other.  If you can put the social stigma to the side and go with the fantasy, it can be pleasant.


Top tip: go with a partner or in a group, just don’t go alone. 


Maidreamin may induce cringing but they have 15 stores in Japan and are expanding throughout Asia. Check out their website for photos and videos!

Note that taking photos of maids is extremely frowned upon.  These maids don’t want this part time job to be public, they probably don’t want to put this on their CV.  Only the full time maids will be happy to be photographed.  Expect to be scolded if you take photos without permission, so make sure to ask!

Maid photo from Meiji Academy

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