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Denny’s in Asakusa – courtesy of Google Maps

In anime, you will always see students hanging out at family diners. Denny’s and Jonathan’s, as the most famous, are often parodied.

Toradora episode 5

Toradora episode 5

The standard of food is generally high in Japan and this applies to American style diners.  You won’t find a curry hamburger cheese steak (recommended!) in the US.  You’ll find plenty of articles full of surprise at the difference in menu, pleasantly so.  Still, expect variations around the hamburger for the main.

I would say it’s not amazing, but it’s GOOD, solid food. Not expensive, comfortable. Chilled, unlike some hype burger joints that may have some noisy school kids (wait, do those exist in Japan?). And they are open often till very late, like 1am or more (some are even 24hr), while many other places are shut by 11. If you want hot food, there’s not much else!


Cheese Hamburger Steak “Doria” Curry with a side of French Cinammon Toast, bacon and egg, tofu and unlimited coffee. Good times.

Treats like French toast and a seasonal menu (e.g. “premium” steak, or strawberry or mango themes) with coffee on tap demonstrate why the place is popular with families and pensioners.  The chocolate tofu parfait is surprisingly good!  I especially recommend the oven baked Doria and French toast, feel free to ask for more syrup!  Even the bacon toasted sandwiches are really nice.

Chocolate Tofu & Brownie!

Chocolate Tofu & Brownie!

These diners can be found everywhere… in each, make sure to use the bell to call for the waitress or you’ll never get served… In my opinion, Jonathan’s is not as good but does have some different and nice items.

Denny’s in the United States is still good but the presentation just doesn’t seem the same…

Website and menus can be found for each store
Akiba Location

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