In an old copy of Animage, artists were asked to draw characters in their own style. Shioyama, animator, illustrator, character designer, and animation director, known for Armoured Trooper Votoms, Tiger Mask, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Inuyasha and Yakitate Japan, drew KOF.

Before we see that, here’s an example of his work.

It’s fascinating to see characters in another artist’s style, and no doubt fans would wonder how KOF characters would look when drawn by artists such as Takahashi or Araka or Hara… now let’s take a look at how Shioyama potrayed KOF characters.

Here’s the tweet by Youlouto

En 1995, le magazine Animage a sorti un hors-série consacré aux jeux vidéo et demandé à des animateurs de reprendre à leur sauce des personnages issus d’univers vidéoludiques. Exemple avec feu Norio Shioyama (Armored Trooper Votoms) et The King of Fighters :

And here’s the artwork backed up. Many thanks to Youlouto for sharing this!

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