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Published by Fangamer.com
Current Market price $12
rarity drop 100%
where to buy: fangamer.com

One of the first western licensees to take the plunge with SNK post rebirth, fangamer released this keyring based on the KOFXIV shield logo. Designed by Tony Kuchar, it measures 1.5 inch wide and is made of die cast metal.

After a few months of use, it is clearly damaged, as the outer layer gets scraped away by your keys, of course, so the collector may well reconsider taking it out of the wrapper, although they would then miss out on the joy of seeing your favourite franchise everytime you unlock your front door.

I’m quite fond of it and the damage gives it more character.

Fangamer is also responsible for the Humble Bundle limited edition tshirts, which are no longer available, and the Fatal Fury hat.

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