Reboot 2.2

Hanzo had heard of the term ‘Alpha Male’, and it just seemed like some American nonsense.  Men were men, there was a hierarchy, you listened to your superiors, you did what you were assigned to do.  Some men were handsome, some were funny, but it was the work that was most important. You would always… Continue reading Reboot 2.2

Reboot 2.1

While the populace in Europe were still on their way to work, people in the East were approaching the end of the day.  To be clear, that didn’t mean they would stop working, it just meant the afternoon was about to end and the trudge would continue well into the evening.  At around 5pm, the… Continue reading Reboot 2.1

Edit notice

Hello, thanks for reading everything so far, I’ve been on holiday so I’ve had some time to review the texts. There’s no change to the plot but there’s a couple of edits that needed to be made and the new edition will be out on Amazon soon! I’m very excited and hope you will all… Continue reading Edit notice

Hard to be 31337

“It’s leet, not ‘elite’.” “That’s nonsense, leet sounds like a leech’s foot!” “I bet you’re thinking about the difference between leeches in the possession form and the plural.” “I rule a continent, why the fuck would I care?” He said, as he began to think about it. Others in the meeting considered interrupting to suggest… Continue reading Hard to be 31337

An itch you can’t bunk

“Absolykty outrageous”  “Bastards, I want a refund before even buying it, aktually I wont even buy it lul” “Mfs looking sketch af rn. Fuk dis game.” “You are so fucking right. Be my girlfriend?” Alice had stopped chuckling at the 100th comment like this but they just kept coming, it was now nearly a thousand.… Continue reading An itch you can’t bunk

Kagi 1

The beta is starting this weekend, apply now for exclusive access! The words hovered across the ripped chest of Fighter Man as he stood against an empty background, inviting you to try and hit him, of course he’d likely parry it and send you crying home to your mama.  Fortunately, this event was more about… Continue reading Kagi 1

The negotiation

The meeting room had been chilled slightly to 19 degrees, so the attendees wouldn’t be falling asleep after their delightful lunch, at our expense and I’m not sure why, thought Hideki. After all, these people are coming to take our IP and do god-knows-what with them.  His inner monologue continued as he was reminded of… Continue reading The negotiation

3.5 An updated design

“How’s it going with the write up for the next character reveal?” Asked Charles, staring at the black screen. Her camera was off, but he insisted to not reciprocate and continued to exaggerate his Japanese style nodding towards the webcam, as he reminded the artist that the deadline was this Thursday. “It’s Monday, so there’s… Continue reading 3.5 An updated design