The Craziest Changes from Patch 2.10 #KOFXV

Updated with maybe the most significant find from Tennkawa about DuoLon and maybe what we are supposed to be looking for. At the same time, the general opinion is that Duo Lon is weak and predictions are that he will be overly buffed in the next patch.

It seems a good patch to remove the top tier that should give us all new grand finals. However, some characters remain strong, simply requiring a more careful hand, which means they are less accessible and less ‘fun’. Some characters have been untouched or the buff has not been understood, leading to some frustrated outbursts by fans, not to mention Duo Lon seems either underwhelming or again, inaccessible. It’s too early to say he’s worth the money, which is a problem. On the bright side, some characters received well needed buffs and others got buffs they didn’t even need, so the question remains: what is SNK’s intention? To mix it up? Will this continue into season 3? Is there a prejudice against certain characters? Are they trying to promote Fatal Fury? With the nerf of Jennet and the rebuffing of Rock, it’s really not clear!

Personally, I just want to see a fresh fight with a new top tier, I think it’s better for the scene (ignore the whining) but the dlc characters need to have value or they simply won’t sell and that’s bad for everyone. As discussed on the last quiz show, players are 50/50 over throw priority. Pun not intended and the game needs to be fun for both players, not just the one on the offensive. SNK are moving in the right direction but balancing is proving very tricky to please the majority, but that’s what they should focus on: the majority of fans who still invest in kof.

General Technical Notes

Hit detection/ side swap tracking? What?


Most important nerfs

Andy Bogard

This is likely an oversight and will be patched, but it’s funny:



Ash Crimson

Ash can do multiple genies and cancel some new buttons but it doesn’t seem to have a significant change, at least for anyone to make a video, yet

Athena Asamiya


Benimaru Nikaido

Billy Kane

Blue Mary

Chizuru Kagura


Clark Still

Excuse me?


Some players were upset but after a day or two, some have retracted their comments!

Duo Lon

Right now, many are surprised at the state of this character.  He does have the side swapping teleports but he can’t hit crouching opponents with his fwd A, which means a lot less pressure.  It’s still early days but he doesn’t seem OP right now.

The typical first experience

But then if you work really hard

Oh my god!?

Now let’s break that guard

Elisabeth Blanctorche

Geese Howard





Iori Yagami


Joe Higashi


Kim Kaphwan

Also note that comboing with qcfx2 D will cause some combos to fail, but you can use qcfx2 B instead and it will work


King of Dinosaurs

Note that the above post was a correction to an earlier post that thought the combo was not possible



Kula Diamond

Kyo Kusanagi



Mai Shiranui





No changes

Orochi Chris

Orochi Shermie

Orochi Yashiro

Ralf Jones


Robert Garcia

Who asked for these buffs?  Robert was OP on launch, then got nerfed, and now has a few changes which means different combos are now possible!  He’s definitely refreshing.

Rock Howard

Rugal Sakazaki

Ryuji Yamazaki

Shingo Yabuki



No changes lol

Terry Bogard






Yuri Sakazaki

A tale of two buttons: