#KOFXV at #Evo2023
Times in PDT
R1 Pools:
10am to 3pm
R2 Pools:
4pm to 6pm
Top 24 to top 6:
6pm to 9pm
Top 6:
and tell your friends about the sale!

What else is in store?

Apart from the sale, Eisuke will be there to sign posters, NeoG seems to be headed in to see the MOTW tournament, Najd will be available to try out and it’s likely that SNK will either show off the next character for Season 2, perhaps an announcement for Season 3 or provide a glimpse at the newest Fatal Fury in development. Of course, they need to be very careful to only show the most polished assets as we all know how people react to drafts.  It will be interesting if they can advertise their own tournament, the SNK World Championship, at EVO.  SNK has pumped a lot of money into the WC and after the discount sales, it’s a wonder where all this money is coming from, while there are still no cosmetics for SNK to be making money from!  We have to conclude that sales are good and SNK is investing for the future.  However, there are some issues, as always, with the timing.

There was engine trouble with a plane from Japan which turned into a cancelled flight, and as the following flights were fully booked, some had to cancel, some were rebooked by their sponsors, some paid a ton of money to get on another flight.  This EVO’s attendance is already fraught with tension (for those who are superstitious, the registered players number 666) and now it’s just going to be a shame with some favourites seemingly out of the fight.  I’ll not confirm any names because miracles can happen.  Fingers crossed!

On top of that tension, Lacid and Madkof opened their room for players to practice and have fun, only to have all their money stolen.  It’s an absolute disappointment for the FGC.    Fundraiser here.  I have donated, every little helps!

Meanwhile, the KOF13 beta is open right now on PS4/5, so that’s free gaming with rollback on top, yes in EU too!

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