So here we are, 1 year on, and SNK is still giving out free dlc, with the advent of the new Boss, Goenitz. Hilarity ensued with fans and content creators crying about the difficulty, and wondering ‘who asked for this’?  Of course the answer lies in the response to Rugal’s release, when fans laughed at the difficulty and demanded a stronger boss!  Goenitz is much stronger and reactive to your inputs, and arguably punishes you in a more refined way on level 5.  He’s crazy but you can find nice solid smelly cheese to beat him at the bottom of this page!  Now for those wanting to use him, of course the playable version isn’t as strong as the boss rush, but has some things that the boss does not!  Check out the tips, tricks and art below, and please do not hesitate to ask for removal via my twitter.

Best 0.5 combo?

Karaage also streams KOFXV and has some SF arts, so if you like this artstyle, give them a follow!

Meaty after EX tornado?!

Guriko is prepping for the KakuFES and will present the full version of this artwork there!

Our friend K2 went into the shed and came back out in the early morning with many results.  This is probably the best 2 bar combo, albeit from a standing HP.  Look at that meter gain!

Gonut’s teleports feel weak to me right now, they can all be hit, and so far I can’t get it to crossup, and there’s only one range when you break them with A+B.  Still, there’s potential for absolute terror. Renz shows the situation after a teleport where the hit will be meaty.  Technically if the opponent is conditioned to block, then you could employ an overhead, or if you wait a little, go for the super grab.  Will the opponent be fast enough to see it coming, however?

Not practical, but at least you can compare your damage totals, with these jump in combos by Gatoray.

Did you like Gonutz’s climax?  I surely did, and the animation work seems to be more in making the opponent dance.  You can see quite a lot of dancing below, which is your favourite? Thanks to Kaeruchan!

Another of the hardcore labbers, Oeppu shows how you can use Gonutz at a higher level, as I’m sure most players don’t even know you can break (A+B) many of his moves.  Did you know his dp AC has huge range?  Don’t forget you can use a shortcut hcb fwd if you’re getting overlaps.  And yes, most players are using his dp A during QM combos…

And here’s part 2

Important notes by the community frame specialist, Amedo:

With a knocked down opponent in the corner, the options don’t seem great because opponent can anti air any teleport, so Gonutz needs to feint and bait out that dp ?????

On the other hand, after a throw, Gonutz has some nice safe jumps, and he has a crossup from his C rekkas.  Here’s a lovely flow from Kaerochan, which also shows his DP AC has an anywhere juggle property!

What the heck are you about to watch? Oh my days!

Back to more normal playstyles, I think his Far C and overhead A and stand D are decent poking tools, here’s some confirming combos by Vane

Looking for anchor mode mid combo QM activation craziness? Here it is:

Let us not all forget that Lady Goenitz is a thing, and we shall not mention Goeniko ever again lol argh too late


The Clark tech was funny because he usually jumps if you try to grab him. He will also knock you down into the corner and allow you to command throw him, which works great for Shermie and others who can combo from a grab.  Also, I found a simple way using a projectile-uppercut strategy (you can see it on my stream at the end of course).  He jumps the projectile, you uppercut him, rinse and repeat!

And that’s a wrap!  See you next time for the release of Nadj…