update: RedRaven is out, WivGar is in! This tournament is supported by SNK.

Driving myself into retirement again, let’s gooooo!  On today’s menu:

  1. Survival City
  2. Knife Edge
  3. The Draft 2

11 Mar 9pm CET – KOF Survival City

13 Mar 9pm CET – Knife Edge 03 – Ak Ash vs Bikroll

NEW URL : The match will be streamed on twitch.tv/mrquarate !

18 Mar 9pm CET – Knife Edge 02 – Charleybeatz vs Ak Ash

18 Mar 12:00 (midday) CET – DRAFT Tournament 2

Supported by SNK! Read below video for all info.

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KOFXV has many game modes that bring variety and fun, one of them is the DRAFT mode. This tournament uses that format.  The first player will choose one character, the second player then chooses two.  Then the first player chooses their next character and then the second player picks their last character, then player one can pick their last.  It makes for fun viewing as the players try to counter pick each other, as only one player can take the strongest character, yes, that’s right, there are no mirrors, each character can only be picked ONCE.  There can only be one Krohnen per match!!!

Match Format is FT2.  Brackets will be shuffled live on stream, then simply the player at the top of each bracket will takes first place. We will then coin toss to see if 1p will change position.  Matches will be fixed FT2.  RULE MAY CHANGE depending on time limits. We aim to have a 4 hour tournament.

Winners stages are also FT2 but may be extended to FT3 if time allows.

players title graphic

This is an invitational tournament over the EMEA region.

16 PLAYERS (in no particular order)

1. FReZZer

The Draft 01 Champion, ICFC leader, even featured in Famitsu,

and now Esports manager, Frezzer returns!

Can he defend his title?


2. Kyoko Dash


Player from the KOF13 era, very active now, competing weekly!


3. Zouni

Multiple champion: Crossover, Brussels Challenge

and 5th at SNK Regionals! Watch out for his Kyo!

Zouni was disqualified


4. MotionMan

Another veteran of the scene, we played KOF13 till the early hours!

He skipped XIV entirely, now he’s active for KOF15!

Hailing from the Czech Republic,

he’s been playing online tournaments on a weekly basis and won one of the Orochi tournaments recently!

Otherwise, regularly placing top 8 in online tournaments, will be one to watch!


5. Boroshin

Who? Should need no introduction really!

The UK Maxima specialist and regular streamer, Boroshin is

usually rocking with Gato and Yamazaki but you never know if there’s a pocket counter pick!


6. XFrame

5th place at SNK Regional Finals!

SaltyEU & Eurobeatdown champion, he might drop a new album, but he won’t drop a combo!



7. Rayzo

The Kukri specialist, should be good fun

to see what happens if someone steals

the Morrocan prince! Yes, he made that

costume himself and even made Antonov’s belt!


8. KOFmadness

This player has been giving everyone many

headaches with a solid, solid Clark, but then dropped

all that mid tier nonsense and went straight in

with Yashiro, Gato and Rock. He’s not playing!


9. Vics

Top 3 Tournament Finalist at Stunfest and others!

Leona, Luong and now Angel specialist,

but maybe has some other tricks up his sleeve!!


10. Wolfman

Another veteran of the FGC,

3rd place at SNK Regionals!

Nuff said!


11. WivGar

Recently top 8 2CBU finalist,

WivGar continues to improve.

Actually starting FGs with Drabon ball fighterZ,

KOFXV is their first KOF title,

only recently taking it seriously.

It is always interesting to watch the progress of new blood in the scene!




12. Nissouma

Out of nowhere went straight to

2nd place at SNK Regional Finals!

Very very strong with K’ and Chizuru

but will he keep Krohnen?


13. LordTenrai

ICFC Champion. 2BCU Champion.

3rd at Stunfest 2022

7th place at SNK Regionals

The long distance connection will

probably be his only obstacle!


14. ROV| Monoborracho

The streamer is getting stronger and stronger!

Originally a Tekken player, he started playing KOF13 during the pandemic, and started to compete in KOFXV.

This year he has reached Top 4 and 5 at 2BCU online tournaments and top 8 in Claim the Crown!

The interest in the game inspired him to launch the KOF XV Spanish league to grow the community and improve the level of the players, so a huge thanks to him!

He would also like you to know his favourite character is Leona!


15. Megaman Azeddine

A champion of KOF2002UM , KOFXV & 98FE!

Watch out for the superfast reflexes

even online!


16. Crazeh247

Is it “crazy two forty seven” or “twenty four seven”

or “two hundred four seven”, ah that’s the question.

Armed with multiple fighters and dedication,

his only weakness will be teleporting rollback!



Waiting List


Also Invited

  • Nemo Smash (busy)
  • Aka Ash, Victor, Ky Dragon are ps4 only




Your viewing experience will be enhanced by Gunsmith and Faizer!


  • remember me? I run this site lol


  • has played with most of these competitors and recently hit 5th in online tournaments, proving he knows what he’s talking about!

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Thanks to SNK, all the players, and YOU.

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