#UFA2022 Review

Ok, there are two hype moments of UFA2022 can I see trending right now. One is Endless Walker doing some crazy reads with no life to win, and guess what, Score doing the same with KOFXV.

The event was awesome, huge enough, and an evidence of the evolution of FGC France that Abou  Camara has been building for decades.  If you don’t know Abou, he’s the man behind many events, including Cannes Winter Clash, and I’ve seen him behind the scenes dealing with the most ungratefuls scums and at the other end riding the waves of thanks from overjoyed players.

Every community has its bullshit, and everyone these days needs to open their mouth if they want to keep any influence on what’s going on, as people can go with the wind, and the wind can blow in a direction that you can predict as much as the side of a falling penny.  Abou has stormed the winds and has brought us out of the pandemic back into the live events we used to know, with food trucks, merchandise, security, special guests, famous commentators and casters, sponsored pots and more.  However, there are still some issues, while understandable, which still could be improved.

The glaring one that all the players remember is simply that as soon as we turned our heads from the grand final, which was on at a great time (not 8am unlike at some events), we found that all the KOFXV setups had been packed away.  Score vs White Ash FT10? Forget it?  Zouni’s chance to redeem his EU championship run? Nah. Money matches? Go home mate.  We’ve seen this happen before, and we understand that the venue needs to be emptied for the next thing, but when you see all the other games still having some freeplay setups, it stings, especially considering the high price players paid this time: this is a premium event, something like €60 entry, and the chance to play friends from across the world is certainly not commonplace.  At Cannes and EVO, we could run to the hotel for all night sessions, perhaps here at the Paris Docks, we need to be even more organised for next time, as we can’t rely on UFA to provide.  Just to repeat, this happens a lot at events, and sometimes there’s just no solution, events have to close, or players have to run and catch a flight home, or even want to get food, it is what it is, it’s sad, but life is complicated.  The solution is more organisation, but days off and an accomodating schedule aren’t easy to come by.

The second thing is the lighting was terrible, that’s why there are no good photos of the KOF commentators. Obviously this is not important.  What, of course it is, when you see the photo gallery and see everyone else, what are you supposed to think when the KOF personalities are not included?  Tch.

The communication wasn’t so great between all staff, it feels like some of these people are new and they don’t have the power to make decisions, which means running off to Damascus, who had a billion other things to do.  That’s why the crappy overlay (which hid the team composition) didn’t change.  Oh well.  It’s not the end of the world.

The Grand finals was run on TeamSp00ky’s stream, but we had no power to change the title, which was stuck on Tekken, so we had people coming in asking where that game was.  Not good for ‘live game’ notifications on Twitch.

There was the strange issue with the ‘overheating’ PS4 Pro.  Did that really induce lag?  Or was it a placebo effect?  The PS4 was found to maybe have been on all night long, or maybe it had been on suspend, but when it was turned on, it showed the exact match end screen from when we had left.  To be safe, the PS4 was switched out, but this took up time, and we lost the nice custom soundtracks and stage messages which had been set up.  Score tested the input, but doing combos is never a good test, a better test is to block a mixup lol.  I’m not the stage manager, that’s not my job. All my experience and better judgement has to be put aside, I don’t have the authority to tell them what to do.  Yes you’re right, I should have. But I’m not the only one with experience with a different opinion on how things should be run.  For example the FT3.

FT3 is always a thorny issue for TOs.  I never do it, it’s just asking for trouble.  From the players point of view, however, it’s a blessing from heaven.  You get all the time in the world to download your opponent while the TO is cursing because the slot is running late. I’m not in charge, it’s not my call, do I want to fight with players?  No.  But if I was in charge, I would have layeth the smacketh down, FT2 ALL THE WAY, and if I felt like we were early, only then would I do FT3. I remind you that Tougeki was FT1 and you had no choice but to cry about it afterwards.  We ended up running late and delaying Granblue.  This wouldn’t have happened on my watch.  On the other hand, the players and viewers were very happy to see lots of KOF action.

All in all, of course it’s a recommended event, I got to hug many a player, and probably caught their germs, but whatever, now it’s survival of the fittest, let’s live as much as we can.  If you’re cautious, wear a mask, it’s all good, it doesn’t make a difference to the enjoyment of the game!  The stage managers, bracket runners and stream manager were lovely and nice and did their best, they certainly did listen, and that’s important.  With an uncertain future in this era of biocovidhazard XX, Abou and the UFA team have done a great job to run the premium FGC event of Europe, which can only get bigger (Stunfest is bigger but more mainstream)!  We can’t rely on what’s happening next, so make sure not to miss the next one!

I want to thank Kurinyanko for her labbing, hard work and grudges to keep fighting, Inti for looking after me, Vics for being the chillest guy with no issues at all, Bubblan for sacrificing his character for a counter pick and getting even closer to the championship and having more mad adventures with messed up public transport, InfernoKong for being the hope and dreams of every big body player, Frionel for being my comrade in arms, White Ash for KFC, Deiver and Nemo for stepping up to shake up the scene, Kitsune for coming back from the dead and going full weeb, Hntati and Zouni for failing to conquer Europe again, Score for declining good old French pattisserie only for Kong to eat it and power up, Orochikem for being the dark horse of the 6v6, Bignog for body warmth, Hrod and Alexein for stealing my cards, Twif for being a hentai, KOFProject for still being alive, AK Ash for using Shermie, Sachio wink wink lol, SemperPups for coming all by himself, Poyo for not getting older, Mr Quarate for making sweet Frenglish and the rest of you ehhhhh you know I have love for you anyways!!!


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