The KOF drink!?

Long time fans may remember K’ being the poster boy for coffee, which should have been called “chain drive roast” and there was an official KOFXIV drink that was given out at an event, and I do not have the memory nor vocabulary to tell you what was in it. At any rate, the collaborations continue: A photo of four cans of drink turned up on social media, turning out to be part of a collection of six unmistakable characters: Mai, Iori, Terry, Kyo, Athena and Orochi. 

The flavours are interesting: Mai was the luscious strawberry, Iori the slightly bitter (lol) lychee, Terry the sea salt (did he lose a match?), then we have the lime flavoured Kyo (?), the white peaches of Athena (ahem), and for some reason, tangerines is the flavour that we should now associate with the will of Gaia.  It seemed that indeed Qdol had a licence for the King of Fighters ‘97. Fans certainly rushed to try these out.  Qdol has actually produced other branded drinks, such as Pokemon.  It’s not clear whether these are carbonated sodas or flavoured waters but either way, as the drinks are manufactured in Taiwan, they might be imported by your favourite store that sells asian produce, so go hunt around!  They can also be found online, just recently spotted in the US, UK and Italy too.

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