Are we supporting SNK via mobile games?

There are many different ways SNK can make money, and therefore finance their game projects, such as Mark of the Wolves 2.

The key thing here is that while some fans are absolutely right to detest and reject all kinds of gambling, pachinko and gacha games, the fact is that these companies pay SNK to use their IP (intellectual property) such as Terry Bogard. SNK doesn’t normally pay Mediatonic to put a Terry skin into Fall guys, nor does a company such as Ubisoft pay SNK to put Warden in Samsho, it’s usually the other way around. The exact conditions are confidential business deals, and sometimes you might wonder what is going on, but ultimately this isn’t charity, the outcome is that SNK will benefit, at least in the long term.

Many mobile games are collaborating with SNK and there is always a risk that while they can show off their IP and make Terry even more recognisable, the IP can be damaged, by becoming outdated or superseded by another. Or even being used in distasteful advertising or distorting the reputation of the character. At any rate, the long term goal benefit, spreading recognition, is more important, compared to having a 3 months top tier-then-discarded character. SNK needs to be a household name. It’s a risk than SNK is willing to take.

While fans may not like the cheapening of certain characters, the people that play these games, which drive these companies to do more deals with SNK, are certainly supporting them. It would be better if we could support SNK more directly but for some reason SNK is focused on making games rather than microtransactions! 

To see a fictional game company negotiation, click here now. 

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