2.4 bar stunkill. When is enough, enough?

The defense that Ash is a fair character on paper just seems ridiculous.  Nisepachi posted the finding then SR, Tennkawa and Vane worked on easier ways to get Ash to stun, now at 2.4 bars.  After the stun, Ash will kill you. You died. 2.4 bars. What?  And people still say, ‘well, he worked hard to get there, it’s ok’.  It’s ok?  Are you sure, when you’re getting juggled up in the air for 30 seconds, much like in KOF13, waiting for your turn, and that just doesn’t arrive, coz you’re dead. Bruh.  Well, let’s take a closer look.

First of all, the new routine seems to involved two whiffed bk Bs, which seems to make the combo easier to execute.  That’s good, and the rest seems pretty instant, well, I say that but I’ve yet to try it, after landing the Joe stun combo, I was pretty satisfied and annoyed at how some parts were demanding due to a variable banretsuken and height dependant tiger kick.  Looking at Ash’s combo it seems more like moves have to come out immediately but there is a doubt over height dependent germinals… anyway it still seems more clear cut. The original combo is actually 4 bar.

Then we saw some variations from SR and Tennkawa:

But hang on a minute, these are full jumping D combos, when is it likely that you would able to get that? Most opportunities in KOF15 come from neutral ground battle… Maybe this is actually not so bad, again.

Vane’s variation is more scary as it starts from a Nivose (flash kick), but it looks like it needs to be fully grounded… but if it were to catch an anti air, oooof

Potentially, this seems dangerous but in fact it’s not like Ash can anti air and then kill, not like Krohnen. Krohnen is still the issue and we’re not gonna get a nerf till Samsho. Ash does actually seem fair in comparison, even though 30 second combos are a “love to see it, hate to eat it” type of affair. bars kill from crouch B is ok. Ash won’t get another 4 bars to kill anyone else… I don’t think SNK needs to nerf him, not until the players find a set up that’s really broken.