The KOFXV Beta is just hours away!

And I’m riding the train home, thinking about which setups might work with Shermie and how they’re all going to fail versus Benimaru. Because that’s how it goes when you’re a veteran without delusions. You know the tools, you know the system, you know how it’s stacked against you and how hard you’re going to need to work, more than someone who can just press standing light kick all day long and dp when you jump. Oh well, that’s the struggle, but it’s even more enjoyable when you win!

There was a bit of an uproar yesterday, and as usual, the veterans of social media know when to dig deeper and find that it’s all a fuss over nothing, and of course the offending post won’t be deleted, as the OP likes the attention, even if it’s wrong or causing more misinformation.

There was some dude who posted that KOF players were getting annoyed because inputs were getting easier. The community caught wind of it and started asking who was saying this. It turned out that it was one or two randoms that represented 0.00001% of KOF players and 99.999% of actual KOF players didn’t even mention this.  What many KOF players actually talked about was the command for the slide kicks of Chris and Chizuru had changed and how this made things interesting, or even, easier.  The offending tweet was QRT’d by quite a few community members to find out who agreed with this, none responded and of course, for any mainstream reader, the damage was done.  Nice.

Then there is some confusion over whether a PS4 stick will work with the beta, as Sony or SNK (whomever you want to blame) sometimes only allow officially licensed controllers, so things like hitboxes and adapters such as Brook wouldn’t work. It happened with KOF14 and in a different way on Steam too. Both versions were updated and the community was happy. As for KOFXV, it seems that every controller works on PS4, but for ps5 only official controllers work.  Then again, all is not what it seems… ?

The Hashtag concept

Social media is always a mess. In fact it’s more apt to say it’s 98% throw away trash. Which is why it’s a terrible idea to try to keep tech posted there.  The only way to track any information is through hashtags and threads but it’s way too easy to get lost. Website, you say, wiki, is that right? Yes, but don’t be surprised when the players simply hang out in discord and just ask the same questions over and over again. This is web 2.0. Webpages and wikis are a waste of time, they are only for intelligent people. And we know the ratio.  But anyway why not follow these tags, which you can’t click on right now because it’s an image… ahem… Kofff kofff good luck trying to remember that Clark becomes CLK. Now if someone put these on an easily accessible page that is always there hmmmm.

KOFXV Streams

Of course everyone and their mum will be playing and streaming this weekend. I am this close to drilling a hole through my walls but eh, that’s a lot of wall. And they aren’t really my walls. So it’s powernet and fingers crossed once again but for some reason it’s pretty freaking unstable when I run two lines at once. Oh well. Anyway we have for example:

It will be very interesting to see these two old school players get going with KOFXV.

The reliable Frionel will be streaming of course!

Over in Japan if you’re awake at the right time, professional eSports players Haitani and compadres will be trying out the beta.

Bon will be over at Shot Bar Lucy to play and stream.  I didn’t see any news from Dune but I would be surprised if he didn’t. You should be spoilt for choice and the viewers should be dramatically reduced for each streamer.

Ofc I’ll be streaming, but I’m still baffled why anyone would want to see me kek I’ll just drink coffee and try out stuff and fail and end up chatting about how Heidern’s story still doesn’t ring true but groooooaaaan okay maybe.

Oh yeah ggxrd Collab kofas trailer is out. I’ve had the phone on for two days straight (apart from nights where the phone decided to lose connection randomly) to finish off Epic Quest.

And if you didn’t hear me on twitter, Final Fantasy First Soldier is a Battle Royale game. This is fun, and I could set it up with a controller, but as a gacha game it wants you to login everyday and grow your chocobo and I’m just like 98% done with gacha filth.

See you next time, KOF brethren MAYBE TOMORROW?

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