A friend said that the Epic Quest was a better source of EXP capsules than the EXP dungeon, so I thought to take a look and compare results.

Challenge EXP Rush Lunatic Level

Upon completion we get:

6x Elite Capsules, 12,000 EXP each = 72,000 Experience

Just to be sure, I tried again and got:

7x Elite Capsules

Challenge Expert Level

As Lunatic Level is only available three times a day, let’s look at the lower difficulty which is available indefinitely.  We got:

4x Elite Capsules, 12,000 EXP each = 48,000 Experience

Epic Quest Envy Mary fight

13x Rare Capsules for 2,400 EXP each = 31,200 Experience

2nd try, same result


The problem is that this is variable. Sometimes you get a bonus, sometimes not.  When fighting Mary, you’ll get other items plus you will buff yourself for the Epic Quest in general. You also get a higher chance of items depending on which characters you have in your team.

if you purely want EXP then the EXP dungeon is better. Even expert mode gives more than Epic Quest consistently.

But we will need to do Epic Quest eventually….. and there is a chance of getting other capsules and cards from farming her…

For the short term, I’m avoiding the Epic Quest for now, just occasionally farming when everything else is done for the day.  I’m more concerned with getting the Sentai and skill cards… But for the long term it’s a tougher but better idea to start grinding Epic Quest because it will give lower rewards but prepare you for the huge quest ahead.  Farming Mary nets you 1900 exp per character so you can leave two characters levelling up as your main clears the quest.

Do you have any tips for farming capsules? Share below!

Our main guide with tons of tips can be found here

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