Hot: Oda has tweeted that more info on the new KOFXIV characters will drop next week!  I expect just one hint on the first character so don’t hold your breath!

We took the hint. Keeping players as local as possible, we hit the brexit button and separated the EU/French and English players!  Now you can cry about lag from your fellow countrymen instead of blaming foreigners.  There’s replays from Costa Rica too for good measure.

FR: brackets

UK: brackets

Costa Rica

Don’t forget from now on, all brackets and streams will be listed in the calendar on the events page!


with fresh Frame Data!

  • The FGC Calendar seems to have disappeared, so I’ve made ANOTHER one – happy to use another one if it’s active.  You’ll find it in the app.
  • All Frame data updated in line with the community doc
  • Currently open to the Beta testers only for bug checking – there’s still a few tester spots open!
  • Full public release coming in a few days!

Want IOS?  I have to pay for a €99 license.  Support me and I’ll get it done!

Thanks to everyone who donated so far!  Let’s hit that goal!

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