Bala wins tournament with Alice #kofxiv

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Bala wins tournament with Alice #kofxiv

Yup. Not only did TCMX.STRIKE.Bala show he can play KOF14, going up against one of the best, Violent Kain, he won the recent tournament with ALICE.

I have to wonder if he knew all the safe jumps because it does seem he tried to reverse them. Anyway, the fundamentals prevailed! Check out the abuse by Kim in max mode oh my days…

Bala was sponsored by (and is now part of) True Challengers Mexico and Strike for the tournament : Games Celebration


Twitch hq stream is here


And YouTube rip Here (may be removed)

Bala will be back in Costa Rica too…

More news on this later….

Thanks to Marco Miranda and Isaias Contreras for the Bala photos/meme