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Never Give Up 2016 Today

One of the most important tournaments in Chile is happening right now, with Tokido in attendance, but don’t ask, nope, he’s not playing KOFXIV.  Misterio is also there and both are focused on SFV, the stakes are high for Capcom Cup!  Anyway, more importantly, Tortita has been doing good work on KOFXIV, pulling off an impressive win against Zero Black using SYLVIE PAULO PAULO!!! (that’s an in-joke btw).  Tune in today for more action starting hopefully in a few hours from time of post!

Torta wasn’t happy about some things, check his twitter for some nice rants!

Yesterday’s KOF action is here

Stream is here with KOFXIV due … at 13:00 local time Chile … but looking at the delays reported by Torta, probably much later.


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