As the new season approaches, time is of the essence!  #KOFXIV draws closer!

Coming later today will be the Pachinko team aka Another World featuring Love Heart on SNK or Playstation’s youtube channel!!

New KOF Station Episode 3!

Check out more coverage featuring voice actors Ichiki and Yuri’s VA Ai Kakuma!

UK Events Reset!

More KOF in the UK with BRACKET RESET featuring KOFXIV from Sep 8th then bi-weekly.

App updates

with Sylvie and KOD frame data in 1.7!  Grab it now

We’re gonna start adding Community links next!

Famous Players duke it out in KOFXIV!

Justin Wong, Sako, Ogawa & GO1!

It’s a dream match because we never thought we’d see these players playing KOF!

August 19th, 2016 7pm (JST)
?Streaming link:
SNK official Twitch channel
?Game title:
Players: Justin Wong / sako / OGAWA / GO1
Presentation: Kouri
Comments: Koichi / Dune
?Program movie:


What a month! 15% off is running until end of today (11th August) then, there’s free shipping coming Aug 15-19!


The PS3 and PSP Neogeo Station Titles are no longer available for sale.  If you have purchased one and deleted it, you can still download it, but for how much longer, I cannot say.

Would have been nice to get a warning but there you are.


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