This is a scheduled auto post: The stream should start at 7pm local time, which in Europe is 3am. Soooooo we’re sorry if there’s an error somewhere but tune in and if it’s not running, check back again!

Huevo, Real Kim, Rosa, ET, Chris KOF, Violent Kain and Kannibalito are still in!

Straywolf pulled off a very impressive Saiki yesterday. Violent Kane somehow became sponsored by ON and started making gestures at the camera, still not sure if serious. ET was as friendly as ever and explained to the interviewer about his reasons for visiting- we got to learn a lot about the interview process, albeit without the interviewer knowing…. Desmond from DC was interviewed too, check out the replay when you can! We also got to see some copyright infringement and titanic comebacks, shout outs to Musical Felony!!!

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