Atma’s Guide to Advanced Training

N’oubliez pas ce dimanche (le 14 Fevrier) a MELTDOWN!

Advanced Practice Mode Training

The advanced training guide is up first, with a recap of all his hidden tech videos afterwards.

As he points out, once you’ve learned how to move, combo and what is safe and not, players need to think about….

He goes on to show how he approaches the game in practice mode, and of course, people learn in different ways, and it certainly won’t work for everyone.

In other words, how to apply pressure in a technical way, rather than just with instinct.

  1. Find out what moves have positive
  2. Conditioning / mixups
  3. What the opponent can do to react

Based on these you can then pick what to do. Don’t forget you should also gauge your opponent’s reaction time too!

If you don’t like K’ you may well fall asleep watching the 90 minute plus video, but players who want to get better at fighting games in general should pay heed to the general advice and structure of the testing process, which applies to most games with a decent practice mode.

Tech Hoard

Some of these videos were hidden and silently released, so it’s recommended to check and revise your knowledge! And be amazed at some running uppercuts. ¬†Enjoy!


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