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Button Czech

Button Czech

Registrations open

23. 02. 2016

Since today, you can register to all tournaments within the Buttonczech 2016 event.

Don’t hesitate and head right to Registration. We’re looking forward to see you!

Look at the tournament venue

18. 02. 2016

As we have mentioned before, Buttonczech 2016 takes place at Nová Chmelnice klub. The tournament will play out in a main hall with the size of over 200 m2, which is located on the 2nd floor of the building.

The big thing in the main hall is obviously a huge podium where the featured/streamed matches will take place. Don’t worry if you think you’ll miss any action, as everything will be showed on a huge screen with a professional sound system.

See more at the Venue page.

Buttonczech announced

15. 02. 2016

Buttonczech is one of the largest Czech Fighting Games events organised by the Czech Fighting Games Community. It takes place on the weekend of 6th to 8th May 2016.

Tournament titles:

  • Street Fighter V
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • The King of Fighters XIII

This year, the tournament takes place at Nová Chmelnice in Prague. Detailed information coming soon.

Apart from the Czech elite, we’re expecting players from Germany, Austria, Poland and other countries around Europe. For latest information, see this page and/or connect with us on social networks:

Toryuken 5

featuring KOFXIII ^^

TORYUKEN 5 is coming on May 20th-22nd of 2016. TTT is collaborating with respective organization such as; EGE, EMG and ESN to bring you the very best competition during your Victoria Day weekend. Welcome to Good Game Convention. Welcome to TORYUKEN 5.

TTT has done it again. Collaborating with the very best in their field to bring you competition that only we can deliver. With the newly released Street Fighter V, TORYUKEN 5 will be the tournament to place your name in history. Don’t worry, it’s not just all about Street Fighter. Not only will be bring you all the fgc games you still play, we will also be providing over $6k worth of pot bonuses for our beloved fighting game community. The date is set, the game is ready, join us for TORYUKEN 5.

You read it right. TORYUKEN 5 is part of the Capcom Pro Tour. We are not premiere but we are a Ranking event. Place high in the tournament and get CPT points to be able to participate in Capcom Cup.


Friday: May. 20th – Team Tournaments
Saturday: May. 21st – Singles Tournaments
Sunday: May. 22nd – Top 8 games

Join our facebook discussion.


…. more info soon

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Why even go?

Take a look at #FGCMAG: Photos, Interviews, Tips, Strategies, Cosplay, Classic eSports Moments & Events – all the things related to the Fighting Game Scene & Community.

Direct Download the PDF here (15.5MB)



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