Bitter Truth Combo Vid, #VGMTEC Replays and #KOFXIV Roundup

*updated with more VGM footage! A roundup of KOFXIV news, events, combos and tweets. Please note that KOF13 and GGXRD at Meltdown is on the 14th Feb not the 7th.

Also note: TeaMandem looks to be streaming KOF in the UK, if not that then GGXrd, and ONTV will go live from Paris as usual from 10pm Thursdays on twitch and youtube (normal channel link)


KOF XIV will be next presented in Hong Kong Feb 19, along with SFV and Attack on Titan, according to a tip from Professor, who found an article in Chinese, which was confirmed by Charles Liu (Dakou’s translator).

MMCafe also reported KOF XIV: series writer Ureshino, responsible for the Maximum Impact storylines, is not involved. We have our suspicions that Hiroki Nishimura, credited as plot writer for KOF13 is on board, but cannot confirm.

From Taipei, here’s some gameplay footage, with someone who has a good idea how to play Chang versus an Iori player who seemed to be struggling to pull off a desperation move….  The build seems to be the same but apparently there were some tweaks.  Hopefully we’ll see some new characters in Hong Kong.

C-c-c-c-c-c-cool direction

The Bitter Truth is Team Dictator’s first KOF13 combo video and shows a lot of effort in editing not seen since the 90s in full HD 60 FPS, the quality makes it rather pleasant to watch.  There are also some fun conversions including K’ going into HD after a one inch and then linking jump A into air minute spike! Thanks to Gatoray for the tip!

VGMTEC2016 Replays

Gutts couldn’t wait for the replays to go up on youtube so he posted them himself. Here are the winner’s finals and grand finals of KOF featuring one the best Kensou players in the world vs the King of Fighters.

You won’t believe the destruction in the last match of the tournament.

Here is the Chile vs Peru 4v4!!

Shout outs to Tortita for going full darkside top tier but Misterio is still proving it’s not necessary!!!

2 hours of footage here

Thx Wolf and Y.Xiao

The rest can be watched from: and
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PERSONA for free*

Don’t forget P4Ultimax is available on PSN+ for February!  Annnnd not patched but what the hey, reports say it still may happen.





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Feb 14, France, MELTDOWN

Featuring GGXRD and KOF13!  It will be at Meltdown

[ Facebook Event ]


Featuring SFV, KOF and others!

Facebook Event ]



The first stop on the CPT Tour 2016.

CWC [ Facebook Page ] – [ Website ]


…. more info soon

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Orochinagi: Tokyo, Japan

March 19 Shinjuku Playland Carnival

More info soon….



It’s hard to imagine how all these games will fit into one weekend, but it will be done.  And while other events have “moved on” HS will still feature “dead” games, such as SF4 Ultra.

Want to win one? FIGHT FOR IT AT HYPESPOTTING! Or enter the pub quiz ^^

HYPESPOTTING V [ Facebook Page ] – [ Website ]




Why even go?

Take a look at #FGCMAG: Photos, Interviews, Tips, Strategies, Cosplay, Classic eSports Moments & Events – all the things related to the Fighting Game Scene & Community.

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