*update 6 #PSX Mega Post #KOFXIV

Here are your updates:
Update 6: remarks from top players edited out, not relevant
UPDATE #5 Famitsu interview
Update 4 Xiaohai and Dakou match
Update 3 live phone cam stream rip
Update 2 screen grabs Kula new super


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  • PARTY BATTLE – the original 3on3 online mode (6 players) which was planned for KOF12!
  • 16 Teams
  • 50 Characters
  • SDM moves have the 3D zoom in/close up like GGXRD and SF.
  • Custom Combos by mashing A
  • Infinite EX moves during MaxMode
  • EX moves only available during Maxmode
  • Just Defend
  • Andy has a slow moving fireball DM like Ash/Saiki
  • System seems more like 2002um
  • No jiggle on Angel’s boobs (yet)
  • Billy is now Norweigan or something

And Iori looks FIIIIINEEEEE 🙂 King not so good, but Angel certainly looks swell!


Interview with Oda in Famitsu: summary from Professor
-game is 70% complete
-No hd meter, just stocks
-system will be simpler
Read the rest here

Xiaohai vs Dakou
Probably the most telling about the gameplay so far, the jumps may be strange but the hops are right bang in there.

Remarks from Top Players has been removed

These reactions were from the first trailer.  We can do a comparison in another post!

Kula’s new DM

2 Video rips from the livestream of KOFsuxchaos (yes he was streaming LIVE for an hour on his phone!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej0Zdjk_Im0&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWgrZk7EAWM&feature=youtu.be&a Video from Team Chaos!

Updates : Game has no input to configure joystick it’s the square mode it looks like you can connect bc explosion mode like 2k2 Jumps feel weird you can defentlty tell it’s just a beta test ones you actually play the game graphics look pretty decent

Posted by Team Chaos L.A on Saturday, 5 December 2015


Below image from Romance!


Original Post:

So today is the fateful day.

Photo courtesy of ON.Vicio

Will we see a new character?  Will it be a returning character or a new one?

Will the graphics be even more improved?

ON.Vicio and Team Chaos will be testing the game out and no doubt asking some questions!

There will not be a live direct feed stream but there are people there with live phonecam streams and surely there will be tweets and facebook posts.

We highly recommend Vicio’s twitter and Romance.

We can 99% confirm there will be direct HD recording which will be uploaded asap.

We are also pretty sure something will be announced today. We will most probably see something new! It wouldn’t be hype otherwise, would it?

Will it be a new character? Will it be a new one? Will we see new moves or new stages? Surely there will be HYPE!!!  … we hope!

We will update this post with the best stuff!  Check the comments (if you’re reading this on facebook that means go to the Orochinagi website) too!


MIG Replay!

Now if you can’t wait for the feed, check out last weeks MIG and today’s stream, featuring TSS.ON.Atma, the video of which had more views than Street Fighter and Marvel combined. Let’s up it a bit more ^^ Support KOF!

We spiced things up by supplying some Tshirt prizes but after today’s event, that will be the end of that deal!

December’s MIG is already underway!  It should finish way before the PSX event! So don’t miss it! Who will win the shirt? A previous winner is not allowed! Pretty cool rule eh?
FB Event Page

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