Video Analysis of KOFXIV

ATRyoSakazaki has done it again with a deep analysis of the video footage available so far, showing us all the system elements in KOFXIV so far, including blowback, tech rolls, and Just Defense. Notable new tech shows how a ground CD will cause a wall bounce, regardless of counter, and the video provides evidence of how to follow up on this, with some cancels. You also get to see Climax Desperation Moves. Kyo’s is looking pretty cool! And the infamous butt grab on Kula is now immortalised.

Technical Breakdown

One guy you may notice in the video is Laban, imitating Chang’s Climax Super, looking for Andy in the sky.

If you’re hungry for even more technical details, check out Laban’s super thorough detailing of his experience at PSX with the game. The guy went through those queues relentlessly, skipping lunch, all the way to the end.  He studies the properties of moves and hurtboxes and hitboxes.  I’ll spare you the details but leave you with this and the link.

“Overall, I have really enjoyed playing KOFXIV at Playstation Experience. The more I played, the more I wanted to play. I was all smiles and feeling good about the potential of KOFXIV. It does have its few nuances that I don’t like, but I feel those could be easily remedied. The graphics look better when played in person and when touched up and polished up. Most players I spoked to had overall positive impressions of the game. The first trailer made many bad first impressions, so KOFXIV might be an underdog sleeper hit because right now it’s a diamond in the rough just waiting to become Q-carbon.”

Read the full breakdown here

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Last batch of clips from KOC

King’s of Co released the final bunch of videos from their collection! We’ve picked the best of the bunch here. The best one is Kyo’s new aragami chains – too good! A welcome refresher to his moveset.

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