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Is now over but here is the replay.


Cash Bonus and Flight Prizes at Lonestar Admonition!




Here it comes! Can’t stop it now! LoneStar Admonition III is this coming Saturday! Be ready boys and girls! We have an update on the bonuses and a special prize, so put on your hype panties and check this out!

Baton Rouge KOF’s Boss, Daniel Lusk AKA “482 | Jelly”, has added a $100 bonus for both of the main games; KOF XIII and Xrd!

A huge bonus here for the LSA III Xrd entrants! Fernando Rafael Jimenez AKA “Texas Raph”, has pledged to sponsor the winner of LSA III’s GG: Xrd Champ a round trip flight to “Frosty Faustings”. Everyone who enters LSA III will is eligible for the trip, you just have to win.

The breakdown! KOF XIII will have a total of $550 in guaranteed bonus pot prizes and ON+Texas Crew FGC co-sponsored ON t-shirts for the top 3! Xrd will have a $250 bonus pot and a round trip to “Frosty Faustings” for 1st place . One lucky tournament entrant chosen at random will win a ON t-shirt! IN addition, the winners of KOF XIII, KOF 98UMFE and 2K2UM will get their respective PlayKOF points for the DreamCancel Cup. More details at the event page!

Special Thanks to Rafael Ricardo Naranjo Beltran for making the promotional banners and badge for the event!
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PS this MMORPG may be heading to EU and US soon!




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