So, here we go! Two more weeks until our third edition of LoneStar  Admonition! So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the hype(stream schedule TBD)! Just like last time, we have scheduled a 4 game tournament which feature KOF XIII and Guilty Gear Xrd as main games and KOF ’98 FE and 2K2 UMFE as side tournaments.

We have two international players this time around; representing Arcade Cafe, AC| Albanna and AC| MarwanRX both hailing from Dubai!

In this third of the series tournament, brought to you by Texas Crew FGC, the special guests are; The King of Fighters XIII undisputed World Champion, QH [ON] Misterio and Evo 2015 runner up, ST|TL Kahnibalito!

See ya’ll in Texas!! And get HYPEH!!!

Here’s the Event Page!

The main games, KOF XIII and GG Xrd, have Texas Crew FGC guaranteed pot bonuses of $150 dollars each. Special thanks to WaterDrago Nuñes from Texas Crew FGC for proving a $300 to add to the KOF XIII Pot! And to QH TxC Sendo for helping us out with finding affordable, yet reputable lodging.

A little preview on how this will go down, enjoy!

[youtube id=”jwl92f1y2Yk”]

Published by Vicio

-T.O. of LoneStar Admonition: A KOF focused local Texas tournament. -Community leader of the Texas KoF Crew. -O.G. KOF Enthusiast.

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