Misterio will be live with Ken Bogard tonight, and play some matches with Akatsuki|Fafa (famous for his Iori infinites!!!). Programme starts at 7pm French Time http://www.jeuxvideo.com/gaming-live/tv01.htm

Watch live video from GamingLive_TV1 on www.twitch.tv

The next chance to meet Misterio will be at DKO.


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New Update for MSD!!!!

1) “Midsummer Horror Night” Special Event
?New Event Exclusive Area occupied by zombies!
?Shoot down all the zombies, and free all the POWs of this area to be rewarded with excusive Units!
?The exclusive Units of this special event are: “Zombie Eri”, “Zombie Fio”, “Zombie Tarma”, and “Tar Man (Red)”!
2) New Units
3) New Special Missions

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