Sleeping Gigantic Unit on #MSD + #KOFXIII Stream + Art by Ray Dash

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Sleeping Gigantic Unit on #MSD + #KOFXIII Stream + Art by Ray Dash

New 25 Million Download Record beaten! Commemorative Event Campaign starts today!


On Android and Ios soon after, a Gigantic Unit which originated from METAL SLUG XX (if I am not mistaken), is now available!


  1.  25 MILLION DOWNLOAD Commemorative Event “Sleeping Gigantic Weapon”!
    ?Parts of a Gigantic Weapon are hidden here and there in this Special Event!
    ?Collect them all in order to be rewarded with the Gigantic Weapon “SLUG GIGANT”!
    ?Beat the enemy Gigantic Weapon in the last stage in order to release the “REBEL GIGANT” in the SHOP menu!
  2. 25 MILLION DOWNLOAD Commemorative Login Bonus Campaign
    ?Login every day of the campaign and get up to 250 MEDALS!
  3. New Units
  4. New Special Missions

?Release date:
Android ver.: from September 3rd, 2015
iOS ver. TBD

App Store Download URL:
Google Play Download URL:…


KOF XIII Stream on Steam

Chat with us as we play KOF 13 Live NOW
featuring ChrisAX, DJSiegfried, Kogazor, Jiji, Au Mero, Khovacs and Crazeh247 as we all progress (or not)
Commentary by Alan Francois / Gunsmith

and on twitch at the same time!

Bonus Art by Ray Dash

Ray sent us this art and a whole load more!!! RUOK?






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