Benimaru Combo Vid by Kiyotaka #KOFXIII & Friday Night Stream

In typically wonderfully organised fashion, Kiyotaka has produced a combo video for Benimaru, starting with how Mr Electrifying can do damage with zero stock up to full raijinkalicious power.  You will need a HD bar, however.  Doing 568 damage with zero stock might just turn some heads, and even if you started this combo without the flying kick, it could still be started with a crouching B, which we all know is the most common starter in real tournament conditions.

Then you notice Kiyotaka is using the off the floor raijinken, which is a little more out there in terms of difficulty.  At least it’s not the back dash one.  Still, inputs are present on screen with helpful notes appear to explain why certain moves work and when to use buffers.  In fact the combos are repeated at a slower speed to allow you to analyse!

783 for 2 bars?! Sweet! Kiyotaka also explains either A or C air Raijinken work in the combos, something I was worried about, but there are times when you need to use strong rather than light Iaigeri.


This was all done on Steam, which is the Climax version of KOF XIII.

(btw I have two Beni figures left in the store)

Streaming Matches

We will be running on stream again Friday night, so join in!

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