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EVO KOF Results

So some quick notes and spoilers:

Brackets can be seen here:


Name Role Type Participants Created On Progress
EVO 2015 TOP 8 KOF XIII Organizer DE 8 07-18-15
KOFXIIIPoolD Organizer DE 22 07-17-15
KOFXIIIPoolC Organizer DE 22 07-17-15
KOFXIIIPoolB Organizer DE 24 07-17-15
KOFXIIIPoolA Organizer DE 25 07-17-15
  • Well done again to Vicio, who has come so far, from a Leona scrub to a fearsome Leona user!
  • Thanks to Vicio, NeoPenny, Kings of Co, Markman and Madcatz for working together to organise a great tournament and stream!
  • Koji put on a great show with his Raiden, all the while cosplaying as T-Hawk…
  • Violent Kane was shocking with that infinite
  • But Kanibalito with the Beni oooooooooh
  • We are missing a whole load of footage from stars such as Oogosho, Dakou,  Rockland Kyo & Bigfool, hopefully some will come soon
  • Shame we didn’t see Tokido and Luffy enter but totally understand they needed to focus…
  • Congrats to Kanibalito and Xiaohai for putting on a great show for the grand finals!!!

A huge thanks to the community for working together to make this happen, showing that KOF is not something fit for the sidelines.

Special thanks also to Lalo from Madcatz, who put up additional prizes for KOF and Rico from team Sabroso, Monica and Kenshin from Teamlago who helped run the pools, and of course all the signups!


Watch live video from KingsofCO on Twitch

Watch live video from KingsofCO on Twitch

Watch live video from KingsofCO on Twitch

Top 8

You’ll need to skip through to about half way to see the start of KOF.

Watch live video from MADCATZ on Twitch

I was able to catch the grand finals and oh my dayz it was amazing.  A classic reset and then the tables are turned, when it seemed one was clearly going to win, the opponent scraped through and then went on to go all the way!

The replay below starts after the reset, so you should start at the end of the one above!

Watch live video from MADCATZ on Twitch


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