Colombia Cup streaming now! #MKX #USF #KOF

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Colombia Cup streaming now! #MKX #USF #KOF


On the 13th and 14th of June we will see Mexico, Peru & Costa Rica amongst others, meet in Colombia to find the King of Fighters.

Not just for KOF 13, but KOF 98UM, KOF2002UM, SFUltra and MKX!

The winner will get KOF Cup points and entry is free! What more can you ask for?

Schedule and Stream below



Watch live video from Px_Team on


Shout outs to Daniel Hiruma and John Morales for the info and invites!

ON SHOW – Ahhhh well I don’t want to compete with this, but since I promised to go online, I can always do a little English commentary :p

Beastbusters with full apps!

You can now enjoy this game without having to buy anything! The full version is now available from Apple Store and Google Play!


Not just a paid version of “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF”, this “Deluxe” version offers more stages, characters, and even more content for thousands of hours of extra gameplay! Moreover, all the extra content that could be acquired via the “Energy consumption” and in-app items can now be obtained by collecting in-app “MEDAL” items in order to fully enjoy “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF DX” with no additional payment!
Game Features:
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? Famous characters from “THE KING OF FIGHTERS” game series join the battle!
“Kyo Kusanagi” is now available as a playable character for KOF 20th Anniversary! Other KOF characters will also support you later during
your mission!

? Master your “Skills” to annihilate the Beasts!
Equip yourself with Fighter Cores in order to acquire “Skills”. Step up your status, and activate Special Moves in order to increase your player
? Customize the very powerful Special Weapons!
Customize your Special Weapon’s firepower, rapid-fire and reload speed parameters, and equip your character with Special Weapons of different
? Play in co-op with your friends in “Multiplay” and advance through stages together like FPS game play!
Play with your friends like Arcade & FPS game genres via the “Multiplayer” feature. Join forces and aim together for the stage goal!

AppStore download link:

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