So here we have the replays from Italy with Luffy and Problem X, Hypespotting’s anime finals and Lonestar’s KOF action, plus a bonus look at IGT2015 behind the scenes with a FT5 between Freezer and Sange Tencho! + KILICLIMB ACTION!

Lonestar Admonition 2

KOF13 and KOF2002UM and MOTW!
Featuring IGT Champ Misterio and Luis Cha!

Watch live video from insomniaVGC on Twitch

Big thanks to ON.Vicio for organising everything!


Just to be clear, Misterio is not joining ON. Looks like Misterio really liked the tournament and this shirt!
Get yours here!

We will see Tokido and Misterio, IGT champions go to battle at Stunfest next!!!!

Hypespotting 4 Offstream Finals

Thanks to Stewart Gibson






Speaking of HS, the organiser is going to climb KILIMANJARO for charity, if you would like to support, check it out!

Colosseum FGT

Featuring MD.Luffy, RZR.KIG.Problem X and UM.Ramzi

Watch live video from IGChannel on Twitch

You can see some photos etc here


A rare chance to see some IGT2015 offstream action with the jet-lagged, sick and total sac ON.Freezer try to take on the legendary Sange.  Let’s see what happens.

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