#Letsplay #kof Secret Tech by Atma #Esports TV spot (FR)

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#Letsplay #kof Secret Tech by Atma #Esports TV spot (FR)

Tech Revelations by TSS ATMA

If you play KOF13 seriously, you need to watch this.  Like, really.  If you don’t, skip it 😀  Lots of tech that top players probably haven’t showed you or just don’t want to tell you ^^


Let’s play KOF13!

ON.Stophers plays and chats on steam with vodka! Well that’s one way to do it!  Let’s see if you think this will help the scene lol


French TV talks about Esports

tl;dr and don’t understand French

They talk about the emergence of Esports, the inevitable comparison with conventional sports (eg. skateboarding lol) the growth, the money, the purchase of Twitch by Amazon etc, with Kayane and the editor of a gaming magazine. It seems to be an examination of the scene and will not tell you anything new but perhaps we should look at it as another marker of fighting Esports taking another step towards mainstream coverage.
Then I had to turn off – if anyone else has an English summary please post!

 Thanks Sakura Otoko!

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