The Kings of Co Presents: Winter Showdown II / MexiKOF Now Streaming Money Matches from Xalapa!

A multi-game tournament! With plenty of out of state participants!

Main Game Lineup
The King of Fighters XIII
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Guilty Gear Xrd
BlazBlue CP

Side tournaments
Persona 4
Marvel vs Capcom 3

$10 Venue

Pot bonuses, special guests, and prizes to be determined!


Event page: WSII

Protip: Visit the above event page at Midnight Central Time Zone(In aprox. four hours) for  steam discount codes for FFXII-2(50% off) and Lara Croft Temple of Osiris+ Season pass(33% off)!

Now Streaming MexiKOF! Money matches featuring Violent Kain, TC Pako and Cebollas!

Published by Vicio

-T.O. of LoneStar Admonition: A KOF focused local Texas tournament. -Community leader of the Texas KoF Crew. -O.G. KOF Enthusiast.

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