CYBERFIGHT 2 Tournament

GGXRD top 3 from Russia featuring ON.Fidoskin !


Siliconera posted news that Famitsu reported BBCP Extend will be released for PS3,4 and Xbox One.

With the news that this seems to be a new game rather than an upgrade, the response hasn’t been altogether positive and raises some questions.



  Fans may be prepared to pay all over again for the colours and music tracks, but … uh…. Speaking of GGXRD, as we saw recently, Sales weren’t exactly amazing for it in Japan (no idea about USA), noting that marketing seemed to be focused more on word of mouth (Compare this to BBCP with anime, merchandise etc). Capcom haven’t exactly stood by idly, releasing Omega Mode while SNK are about to release 98FE. Competitive times, but looking over the feed, hype for Omega Mode seems to have already taken over. Yet, is it all the hype players expected? After seeing Ken’s fireball foot fun and a few characters switch from charge to quarter circle and vice versa, the biggest thing reported since has been Gen’s supposed infinite. Edit – here are some HUGE changes documented by SRK!

There’s still lots to work out but another thing that has (not) occurred is the jump to the next gen. PS3 GGXRD is visually arcade perfect, with some slowdowns from graphical effects, while PS4 is even better, visually, than the arcade. However, the cost of a new console (and stick!) has put off the majority of the player base. Obviously the poverty gamers can hack ps3 and get a free copy. Would it have been better to release the game on PS4 solely? Piracy wise, yes, overall sales wise, no? And players are still being beseiged by news of upcoming titles to totally destroy their chances of racking up experience to be good at at least one game….


First screenie of Jojo2

The interest grows… but will it only be for those that know the story?

98FE Sites open



Raiden combo by KBR!


Dreamcancel has pulled out the stops with hitbox videos for every character!!! Invaluable!

Also, Fox has been hanging out at CafeID… playing 98FE…

He’s there right now….
Watch live video from Cafeid on www.twitch.tv



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