More ROF hard mode yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh thx Gato Ray! My eyes nearly popped out at that segment with the flicking!

Well here’s that new classic you were waiting for- ARASHI NO SAX no 5 (KOF13)

ps did you notice the new voice recordings?  Wonder what they’re for eh ^^

#1 Game in 8 different countries!!!

Now available: “FATAL FURY SPECIAL” pack, featuring some of the best tracks of this legendary NEOGEO title such as “Soy Sauce for Geese” or “Ryuko No Ken Ver.230000000.0”.

App Store Download URL:

Google Play Download URL:

“ROF” Official Website:


In this MSD Vid Kuso takes on Another World New York Area


from Acho Japan

Belgian Blazblue Brawlers

BBCP in Belgium Event! Also featuring UNIEL!  AUG 23 


Now there’s a lot of talk about dead community, so here’s the final test – but it only means that the competitive players have moved on, there’s always a fanbase!


offline Tournament at SWGA 15-17 Aug

FREE EU Online Tournament!

17th August (Aout) Sunday (Dimanche) 3pm UK (16:00 FR)

Ft2 Double Elim

EU Server Lobby #5


Casual online 2v2 tournament on the 10th August organised by Dustloop FGC


As it worked with BBCP, let’s see if the UNIEL players want that money!!!!

17th August 8pm (UK) 21:00 (France)

€3 (2 for pot, 1 for admin).

Paypal fees are to be paid by participants – (as a verified user with direct banking, there normally aren’t any!)

Ft2 Double Elimination 

Organised via Twitch chat 

payments to:

Top 3 winners will be paid approximately 65% 22% 13% minus paypal fees.

No refunds / Aucun Remboursement 



The next event in 11-12 October is now open for business!

KOF13 is the most requested game and has been added to the line up!

Bit odd really since the turn out last year wasn’t so great, but Xian and Chris G made for some interesting matches!

If they choose to come back, things may well be verrrrrry different, as Louffy and Bubblan now use FAR stronger characters (or at least with better tech).

Actually Louffy and Justin Wong already confirmed attending!

Lord Med, MTK Fist of the Northstar and Tom Sawyer have also expressed interest!

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ikimashoka? Check it out!



FREE Metal Slug Defense

It’s FREE on IOS and Android!

Best of all? It’s FREE!!! Go get it! Android : iTunes


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The FGC Pro

The FGC Pro
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I got a new book coming out ^^

book sample fgcIt’s not much of a book, more a collection of awesome photos from FGC events over the world! If you have some you want to contribute, get in touch!


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