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In today’s post we have raffles, free ebooks, KOF action, UNIEL bugs, P4U2 trailers and more!

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Salim vs Frionel FT10


Oooooh the French and Moroccan heavyweights are at it again for bragging rights.




The FGC Pro
Ever thought about running your own event, or wanted to know what goes on behind the streams?
Check out this guide, available from amazon for FREE –  this Sunday for a limited time only!!

Why am I releasing it for free? Because I’m working on the 2015 edition, which is gonna be bigger, badder & uhhhh more awesome in every way 😉

And there is that other book which should be released before xmas 2014!  The FGC YEARBOOK

book sample fgcfgc-preview-yearbook

Events covered:

  • ROF3
  • IVGC
  • ONC7
  • 3ON3
  • TF
  • EVO
  • KOFL

and many more!  If you have an event that isn’t included, get in touch ASAP!


Yukiko Trailer from Atlus

As the release date for Japan draws ever closer, could this also mean the end of UNIEL? There’s even a pre-order bonus if you order it from JP PSN now, including access to the P4G Anime and errrr some stuff.  US release is in the fall – not exactly a big delay, are you that desperate to get a week or two’s experience?  … Hmmm

here’s some recent match footage from Japan!

Uniel Vatista Bug?

Here we can see Vatista doing her charge move repeatedly without having to move forward, as the player holds forward on the analogue stick and presses back on the digital pad.

I don’t think it’s game breaking, as you can still jump it… right? Thx Ferdinand Pelayo



CA$H Tournoi
CA$H Tournoi

What game is this again?

Here’s that game that A-cho was promoting earlier… after all the air dashing, it looks like the slowest fighter ever…

BBCP Ranking Battle from Japan

Don’t forget ROF!



Now perhaps you can understand why ROF became #1 Game in 8 different countries!!!

Now available: “THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’99” Pack,   “SAMURAI SHODOWN II” Pack and “KOF Selection Vol.1” Pack”!!!

App Store Download URL:http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id838627331?mt=8

Google Play Download URL:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snkplaymore.android009

“ROF” Official Website:http://www.snkplaymore.co.jp/us/games/apps/rof/

FREE Metal Slug Defense

Check out Dark Chaotix’s vid on mission 16!

It’s FREE on IOS and Android!

Best of all? It’s FREE!!! Go get it! Android : iTunes

Tekken Raffle!


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