CUSTOMCOMBO by D44 BAS / #SEAM2014 #KOF #Marvel

Much like the mixup night, D44 BAS (CVS2 Evo champ for one) has partnered with Marz Shinuku & Blackeye, with thanks to Madcatz & Ogorare, to create a tournament night at a nightclub (Marz) in Shinjuku.custom-combo

The name of the event is CUSTOM COMBO.

According to Prof of MMCafe, the games covered will be Marvel and KOFXIII.

It’s now nearly 1am and the stream is still running, although not showing anything, with 74 viewers… lurking, so I’m not sure if this will actually show something or they have finished or even started. Anyone who’s still there certainly won’t be getting home via public transport.

Myu, Shoki and Koukou are reportedly there.  Edit; Gaku, Mari confirmed at least!   Tokido is currently at SEAM 2014.

WOah, update, something is going on! One of the games will definitely be streamed, at least. Tune in!

Watch live video from CustomComboJP on

SEAM2014 is going on right now, KOF pools started a few hours ago so I expect that has finished but Marvel still going on right now, and both games will continue through the weekend.




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